Green Queen's Made in HK market returns!

Green Queen's Made in HK market returns!

Green Queen Hong Kong Market Xmas Flyer

I love how Hong Kong has more and more markets popping up, and one of my favourites is definitely the one by Green Queen. After the huge success of her inaugural Made in HK market at The Space a few months ago, she’s doing it again tomorrow (Sunday, 8 December) from 10am to 6pm in the same place.

Green Queen Hong Kong Market Xmas Flyer

At the last market, I had my first taste of Happy Cow dairy-free ice cream (YUM!), tried a mini cupcake by Niche Food, raided Bread Elements‘ baskets of pastries, met the guys of Something Fresh and bought a box of very expensive organic oolong tea from YiSheng Organic.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to getting some more Happy Cow, trying the homemade yogurt of Sour Times, sipping a Kante coffee with coconut milk, picking up some raw goodies from Unbaked Bakery and chugging a superfood smoothie from Pure Swell — are you guys ready?!

Also, as it’s a GREEN market, I thought we could all do our part in keeping it as green as possible with the following three tips:

1) Bring your own eco-friendly bag.

I’m sure we all have a bag of reusable eco-friendly bags lying around, so why not bring a few with you to the market? TIP: Green Queen is giving away 500 of her bright lime green bags at the door but if you already have one, it’s best to bring it along and let others who don’t have bags get the free one from GQ.

2) Bring your own tupperware.

As there will be lots of yummy organic and green food at the market — more than you can eat there — bring your own reusable tupperware to house your goodies instead of taking away food in paper bags from the vendors. This also means no smushed food by the time you get home.

3) Don’t take any printed flyers or cards.

Save a tree (or two) by taking pictures of the vendor’s information with your phone or simply storing their details into your contacts right away. Most flyers and cards get disposed of and go straight towards our overflowing landfills anyway. If we all could be more digital, the vendors can print less paper and save some money too!

That’s it, folks! Have a fab time at the market and thanks to Green Queen for organising! πŸ™‚

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