21-day Makeover: How To Build Healthier Habits in ...

21-day Makeover: How To Build Healthier Habits in Hong Kong

Most of us know what a healthy lifestyle looks like (e.g. plenty of exercise, nutritious foods, adequate sleep, etc.) but the truth is, healthy habits can be hard to maintain, especially in a hectic city like Hong Kong.

To help people transform their habits, Coastal Fitness has launched a ’21-day Makeover’ program that’s free for anyone to join. The program came out of the Covid-19 gym closures along with their online classes, with a whopping 300+ participants signed up for its first topic, nutrition.

21-day Habit Makeover

Why 21 days? “That’s how long it takes to form a new habit,” says Saed Alami, coach and personal trainer at Coastal Fitness. Saed personally manages the program and is in direct contact with all of its participants β€”messaging them daily to see how they’re doing and checking in on their status updates.

Participants get access to two platforms: a free CoachMe app with daily lessons and tasks, and a dedicated Facebook group where they can connect with and support one another.

The 21-day Makeover: Nutrition module is broken down as follows:

Week 1: Kitchen Make-Over and Food Prep

This week is all about transforming your surroundings into a space that supports you in your success, including ways to prepare food (aka. meal prep).

Week 2: Macronutrients 

Proteins, carbs and fats. This week is all about macrosβ€”what they are and which ones are more favourable than others.

Week 3: Lifestyle 

In the third and last stage, it’s about the important factors for a healthy lifestyle, including keeping a food log, sleep rituals, supplements and workout nutrition.

Participants must complete three things each day: read the daily lesson, apply and follow the guidelines for the day (e.g. eat whole foods, avoid processed, etc.) and then mark ‘Done’ or ‘Not done’ on the app.

Upcoming programs

Although the nutrition module is coming to an end, Saed says there will be more 21-day habit makeovers to come this year, covering a wide range of health-related topics to help you build better habits.

Interested in joining an upcoming program? Follow and get in touch with Saed aka. @thehealthyhabitguy on Instagram

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