Healthy Bangkok: Broccoli Revolution

Healthy Bangkok: Broccoli Revolution

If you’re looking for a hip and vegan restaurant in Bangkok, you’ve got to try Broccoli Revolution. They have two locations: an airy, fern-filled spot on Sukhumvit Road between Phrom Phong and Thong Lo station, and a second, smaller location on the 6/F of Central Embassy at Open House.

The story

Broccoli Revolution was opened by Naya Ehrlich-Adam, a Thai restaurateur who’s also behind the Monsoon Restaurants in Yangon and Ho Chi Minh City. This was her first vegan venture, something she decided to pursue after experiencing the benefits of juicing firsthand.

The place became a hit right away (mostly with “foreigners”) but today, you can find a good mix of tourists, expats and locals alike. The menu is full of juices, smoothies, salads, soup and more—with many of them featuring Thai inspirations like Tom Yum soup and laab—and the menu is significantly bigger at the Sukhumvit location.

What’s great also is that they’ve recently announced that they’ll no longer be serving any plastic straws at either of their venues, so you can choose between a natural morning glory stem or buy your own glass, metal or bamboo straw from them.

The most famous dish on the menu is the charcoal burger with the broccoli quinoa patty but in all honesty, it wasn’t the tastiest veggie burger I’ve had and could have used a bit more sauce. Fries were great though!

As for the Myanmar fritters, they were filled with a sort of pale yellow split pea mash that oozed out with each bite—not exactly like the falafel texture that we were expecting. The tofu in the Phnom Penh salad was also on the bland side, although everything was extremely filling.

On the tastier side, the Tom Yum soup was incredibly flavourful and all of the juices and smoothies were great! Plus, their banana bread made with rice is a must-try.

To be fair, there were a ton of things we didn’t try on the menu that sound absolutely delicious like the pumpkin mac n’ cheese, vegan chili bowl, Indian chickpea curry and pad thai, so it’s definitely worth another visit.

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