Meet Joanna aka. @nourisheats

You may know her by her gorgeously calm and drool-worthy smoothie bowls on Instagram—@nourisheats (aka. Joanna) is a Hong Kong-born, self-professed “smoothie bowl lover” who’s not afraid to mix things up (haha).

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In the beginning, I was trying to use this platform as a way to find myself in this community. I met and talked to so many people on the way and I’m so glad I made the decision to dedicate my time in this account a year ago. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you will be able to tell my photographs has changed drastically. I’m happy to say that I’ve found my passion and created an aesthetic for myself. I would love to know you more and your journey in this community. Comment below and also to let me know what colour gradient smoothie bowl do you want me to try next? . . . . . #hkig #smoothiebowl #healthy #foodie #nourisheats #vegan #healthylifestyle #healthymind #veganism #veganofig #raw #superfood #wholefoods #yum #nicecream #veganvibes #eeeeeats #follow #holistic #eathealthy #veganeats #vegancommunity #nutrition #foodmatters #foodpics #wellness #plantbased #healthyfoodshare #plantbasednutrition #smoothie

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Looking at her Instagram is almost therapeutic, with the marble backgrounds, soft fabrics, and pops of colour in each smoothie bowl. In our new series ‘Healthy Hongkie’, get to know Joanna a bit more in her own words below:

Her background:

I have a design background and have always been working in the art and design industry. But I’ve recently stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to go with my passion which is what I love most: health and wellness.

New beginnings:

I’ve enrolled in a yoga teacher training as well as an online nutrition course to stay true to what I love. I’m hoping I can find myself and have a career out of it after. That being said, design will always be part of me, and I’ll definitely still be doing something design-related.

Her aesthetic:

I actually recently checked my first post on Instagram and thought, “Wow, I’ve come a long way.” My photographs definitely look more refined and I’m happy to say I’ve found my own style in my photographs.

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Balance is the key. There has been a lot going on lately and through the ups and downs, I’ve realized being balance and grounded is the most important thing in life. Stay true and be you. Like this bowl. The light blue and yellow tones blend well together forming into one. Here’s the recipe: •1 1/2 frozen bananas. •4 frozen kiwis. •1 tsp of @amazinggrass powder. •1 1/2 tbsp of tumeric powder. •handful of ice and splash of water. •toppings: frozen banana, chia seeds soaked with blue spirulina. . . . . . #smoothiebowl #hkig #eathealthy #foodie #healthy #nourisheats #healthyfoodshare #veganism #raw #wholefoods #wellness #follow #vegancommunity #superfood #foodpics #healthylifestyle #veganvibes #veganofig #veganeats #nicecream #nutrition #yum #balance #veganfoodshare #artofvisuals #plantbased #healthyrecipes #eeeeeats #instafood

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The best blender, camera and lights: 

I love to use my Vitamix to make my smoothie bowls. As for camera equipment, I’ve been taking photographs since high school and have always been true to using a Canon camera. As for lighting, I like to use natural light to keep my photographs true to colour and more natural.

Her diet:

I love vegetables—you could say I’m part vegetarian/vegan. I try to stay healthy at all times but I do treat myself from time-to-time to stay balanced.

A typical day’s meals:

My go-to each morning is apple cider vinegar mixed with water to flush out the toxins in my body. After, I would have a smoothie bowl or avocado toast. For lunch, vegetables are a must! Snacks would be fruits and nuts. Lately, I’ve also been loving mushroom chips. For dinner, it’s usually a warm bowl of vegetables or a vegetable sandwich mixed with hummus. Yum!

Smoothie tips and tricks:

I always add frozen bananas to my smoothie bowls. It creates an ice cream texture so you’ll feel like you’re literally eating an ice cream bowl! What you add after really depends on what you feel like that day and what your body needs. Always listen to your body!

Favourite ingredient these days:

I’ve been loving turmeric lately, which has a slightly sweet yet mild, ginger-ish taste. Tumeric is also really good for inflammation.

Be sure to follow @nourisheats for beautiful smoothie bowl inspirations and @nourishyogi, Joanna’s new account, to get updates on her yoga, fitness and nutrition journey.

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