Healthy KL: Running in KLCC Park

Just got backΒ from a business trip in KL and was very happy to stay right next to the KLCC park at the Mandarin Oriental! I can’t remember if this park was there the last time I visited KL (okay, just checked Wiki and it was built in 1998, my bad) but it’s a great place for a run as there is a 1.3 km track all around it.

It’s also got great views of the Petronas Twin Towers and lots of tropical plants and flowers, not to mention a few uphill climbs here and there for variety. What’s also nice is the giant digital clock on the Maxis building next to the Twin Towers so you can keep track of time as you make your laps. There are also filtered water fountains (4) around the jogging track for you to stay hydrated.

Here are some pictures I snapped of the park:

It’s definitely worth a visit if you like running outdoors!



  1. Marc Vignocchi

    17 October

    I saw your cover photo and instantly recognized the KLCC trail. One of the best places to run ok KL. I did my moring run’s their a few years ago training for the KL Half Marathon.

    • Erica

      17 October

      Love all the greenery and the running track! πŸ™‚