Healthy Singapore: Project Paleo

After my morning yoga class at HOM Yoga, I stumbled across a relatively new stall in one of the local markets around the corner from Market Street!

With a fruit juice stand and local Singaporean food stalls as its neighbours, Project Paleo is a newish stall that serves paleo meals (aka. caveman diet food). The place was opened in July 2014 by a young Singaporean lady whom I met today. She said she had been paleo since about a year and prior to that, she only ate salads…

So what exactly is paleo? Basically: eating unprocessed foods that are mostly protein (meat) and greens. It also bans dairy, legumes, grains, oils, sugars, salt, alcohol and coffee. Crossfitters often stick to aย paleo diet, whichย certainly helps them get ripped.


Project Paleo’s counterfront

Breakfast is just S$4 and includes salad, nuts, two eggs and a protein of your choice: avocado, shrimp or pork. Lunch is S$8 and includes aย main and two sides, and you can always add on more eggs, macadamia nuts, almonds or avocado if you need more substance. Check out the menu here.


A paleo brekkie

I ordered the breakfast with shrimp and it took about 10 minutes to prepare. The shrimp was very tasty (full of cajun bbq flavour), the eggs perfectly cooked with a gooey yolk, and the lettuce was dressed in a tangy vinaigrette. I paired this with an A B C (apple, beetroot, carrot) juice in the stall across from them and was pretty full. Highly recommended!

Project Paleo, 15 Phillip Street, 01-03, +65 8692 8662, www.projectpaleo.sgย