Healthy Snack: Joli Pitted Prunes

7-11 Joli Prunes

Most people go to 7-11/Circle K for soda, booze and junk food, but if you’re looking for something healthy, check out the dried fruit and nut section, which usually has 7D mangoes, cashew nuts and Joli pitted prunes (along with their other antioxidant berry mixes).

7-11 Joli Prunes

Despite their reputation as granny-food, prunes are actually quite tasty, sticky and sweet, and can definitely satisfy those mid-afternoon cravings for sugar. They’re also high in fibre (read: good for bowel movements), vitamin C, and can help lower cholesterol, prevent cancer and even type II diabetes.

Joli Prunes on Stick

I personally love the Joli pitted prunes because they come with a clear pick at the bottom of the bag, so you don’t have to get your hands and fingers all sticky from the prunes — perfect for office snacking! Look for them at any 7-11 or Circle K in Hong Kong for about HK$8-9 a bag.


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