Hiking in Cheung Chau: North Lookout Pavilion ...

Hiking in Cheung Chau: North Lookout Pavilion & Coral Beach

Cheung Chau is known for its amazing seafood, giant fishballs and beautiful beaches, but did you know that it also has a few walks/hikes that are incredibly scenic? One of them is to the highest point on the island – the North Lookout Pavilion – which is also linked to the gorgeous and secluded Coral Beach.

The hike takes only about 20 minutes from the Cheung Chau Ferry Pier and is not difficult at all, so why not give it a go on your next trip to the island?

Note: You can also take a longer route along the coast line on Cheung Kwai Road and follow the Cheung Chau Family Walk to get to the North Lookout Pavilion just the same. Here’s how:

Head up the Cheung Chau Family Walk from Cheung Kwai Road:

Turn left when you see the sign to the North Lookout Pavilion:

Turn right when you see the next sign to the North Lookout Pavilion:

The steps are a bit steep but don’t worry, they’ll be over before you know it:

When you get up the hill, this is the panorama looking back:

And here is the North Lookout Pavilion:

From the North Lookout Pavilion, there is a path leading down to Coral Beach:

Here’s the view from further down the steps:

Halfway down, look to the right to get a view of the entire island of Cheung Chau:

Further down, there’s another spot for photos overlooking the coastline:

Follow the path all the way down to Coral Beach:

Unfortunately, it can be a bit dirty with lots of garbage and plastic waste washing in with the waves…

After spending enough time there, head back up the stairs to the North Lookout Pavilion, then follow the steps and path back down to Pak Tai Temple.

If you decide to walk up to the North Lookout Pavilion from Pak Tai Temple instead, here’s what to look for on the way up:

After you pass the upside down red pig, turn right to follow the path up to North Lookout Pavilion:

That’s it – easy, peasy! We hope you enjoyed this simple guide to hiking in Cheung Chau to the North Lookout Pavilion and Coral Beach.

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