Top 5 Home Workout Tips by Anjuli Mack

Top 5 Home Workout Tips by Anjuli Mack

Here at HealthyHKG, we’re huge fans of Auckland-based personal trainer, Anjuli Mack (@anjuli_fitforlife on IG), who helps people around the world reach their fitness goals through her personalised fitness plans!

With her positive energy and impressive personal transformation story, Anjuli is all about spreading body positivity and empowering people to get moving—and enjoy the journey while they’re at it.

We love her Instagram feed, especially for the highly effective mini-workouts that she’s been sharing even before the Covid-19 days, and now that many of us are stuck at home, she recently shared five very useful home workout tips:

1. Create a workout space ⁣

Setting up a mini ‘gym’ in the corner of a room or in a designated space is a great idea.⁣

2. Get moving

Just start. It can be skipping, jogging on the spot or even star jumps. Do something to get the ball rolling & create that habit. I like to work out first thing in the morning.⁣

3. Only buy key equipment

Basic things I would aim for are booty bands, light pair of dumbbells & ankle weights. Also possibly a skipping rope and kettlebell.⁣

4. Eliminate distractions

The main one being your phone. You can be easily distracted at home—scrolling on your phone, watching Netflix, someone at the door or the phone ringing—which could lead to skipping a workout or cutting it short.⁣

5. Make sure you’re warming up and cooling down

Studies show that priming your body for a workout boosts muscle strength and power—so don’t skip a warm-up just because you’re at home. Go for a walk outside, a light jog on the spot, some booty banded exercises or perform some dynamic stretches.⁣

Ready to work out? Here are some of Anjuli’s home workouts to try:

Booty Circuit

Leg workout

Core workout

Follow Anjuli Mack on Instagram @anjuli_fitforlife for more fitspo and workouts!

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