How Nike Master Trainer Utah Lee became a fitness ...

How Nike Master Trainer Utah Lee became a fitness and fashion icon

Utah Lee Nike Trainer Instagram

Utah Lee is a familiar face in Hong Kong’s health and fitness industryโ€”and judging by her Instagram feedโ€”the most fashionable as well.

Ahead of her gig at the AIA Fitness Fest in Singapore taking place on April 27, 2019, she spoke with Buro 24/7 about her journey to becoming a Nike Master Trainer, her diet habits, and best advice for those starting to work out.

Besides being a personal trainer, dance instructor and fashion icon (she’s a bonafide influencer in the fitness and beauty space), Utah is also a mom, believe it or not.

Her advice on getting results?

I was the first and only Nike Trainer in Hong Kong for about seven years. The bottom line is, you have to work hard, know what you are doing, be kind, humble and different.ย 

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