Lotus root vegetable stirfry at Greenfeel Vegetari...

Lotus root vegetable stirfry at Greenfeel Vegetarian (素食一家)

Lotus Root Stiryfry

Trips to Mongkok are normally just excuses to go by Kam Wah (on Bute x Tung Choi Street) for a piping hot, fresh out the oven pineapple bun and egg tart ) but in addition to this, we happily stumbled upon a vegetarian restaurant a few streets over called Greenfeel Vegetarian.

Greenfeel Vegetarian interior

The place was quite cosy inside and not too crowded, and the menu was full of mouthwatering pics of “meat” options (i.e. sweet and sour pork, crab noodles, duck etc.) — nothing actually contained real meat though. It’s a perfect place for former carnivores, or those who miss eating meat, as they even have very convincing Taiwanese sausages on the menu.

Lotus Root Stiryfry

Not being fans of fake meat, we ordered a lotus root stirfry (羅漢上素), baked tofu with tomato and cheese and flat e-fu noodles (yi-mein) and everything was super tasty! Dishes were also not expensive (about HK$50-60 each), especially as they were pretty big portions.

Greenfeel Vegetarian - Baked tofu with tomato

The baked tofu pot was especially delish, as it was bedded by a piece of roti that not only soaked up the tomato sauce but added that little bit of texture to the dish.

So if you’re in the Mong Kok/Prince Edward area next time, and feel like having something green for a change, don’t miss Greenfeel Vegetarian!

Greenfeel Vegetarian (素食一家), Ching Wah Building, 145 Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, +852 2393 8012