Meet Christina & Loretta of CBD Peoples

Meet Christina & Loretta of CBD Peoples

These days, it’s hard to go out without seeing some kind of CBD product, whether it’s coffee, tea, skincare, gummies, tinctures and/or beauty treatments. And although it’s exploded in popularity for its range of purported benefits, there are still a lot of people who don’t understand exactly what CBD is or what it’s for.

Enter CBD Peoples, a new platform that aims to clear it all up for all things CBD. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis that’s derived directly from the hemp plant or manufactured in a lab. Let’s get this out of the way first: no, CBD does not make you high (even if you wish it did)…

Here to dispel more CBD myths, the founders of CBD Peoples – Christina Ko and Loretta Chan – tell us more about their new platform and tips on how to use CBD like a pro.

Loretta Chan (L) and Christina Ko (R) of CBD Peoples

Please introduce yourselves! Who are you and what do you do?

We’re Christina Ko and Loretta Chan – aka the CBD Peoples. By day, Christina is a freelance editor and journalist, while Loretta runs an executive search firm. By night (and sometimes at lunch, and definitely on the weekends…) we run a content platform and consultancy that educates people on how to use CBD. We also review local brands, products, treatments and more.

What exactly is CBD Peoples?

CBD Peoples is an Instagram account for people who want to learn about CBD without all the scientific mumbo jumbo. We realise nobody cares to learn about the functions of the endocannabinoid system, and very few people even want to learn how to pronounce “cannabidiol”, the full name of CBD. 

We share things we know about CBD based on anecdotal experience – so we do “science experiments” like going out while wearing heels and putting CBD cream on only one foot to see if it reduces pain. We are also (as far as we know!) the only CBD review site around that gives such detailed breakdowns of products and treatments.

Where did the inspo for CBD Peoples come from?

We fell in love with CBD when we tried topical products from Hemptuary Hawaii, and at first we wanted to just be retailers/distributors for the brand – but we did a lot of market research and realised that there were dozens of local brands all playing in a tiny pond, preaching to the converted.

So instead of just selling products, we decided to convert people, using our background in editorial and wellness to give truly unbiased information, without any agenda. From a random inkling it’s grown into quite passionate advocacy, especially once we realised how much misinformation there is in the market.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about CBD?

We actually thought that we were past the days where we needed to explain to people that CBD is not a drug, and that it will not get you high. But apparently, we aren’t. CBD is no more than a health supplement. A high dose of cough medicine will probably get you more high than any CBD.

How far behind is HK/Asia when it comes to CBD and where do you see it going?

A lot of people are focused on the drug aspect or the botanical origin of CBD. And a lot of people want to look at long-term effects or clinical studies around it, but if you think about it, we take traditional Chinese medicine remedies filled with random dried herbs and bugs without a second thought. In fact, a lot of Chinese tonic shops sell huo ma ren concoctions – guess what? That’s cannabis seeds. 

So while you’d think in Asia we’d be early adopters because we’ve always welcomed adaptogens and herbal remedies over Western medication, we’re getting tripped up over here on language and branding.

What tips do you have for total CBD newbies, and for those who are already using CBD regularly? 

We love it as a topical! You can feel the effects instantly, and it’s great before or after workouts, for stiff neck, hands that have texted too much, back pains and more. It’s also good for skin disorders, and sun or kitchen burns. 

Any personal fave CBD products to recommend thus far?

We’re a little biased towards our Hemptuary Hawaii balms and lotions which smell like you’re on the beach in the tropics – the Herbal Balm especially has a truly transportive smell, whether it’s the Hawaiian Ginger & Lavender or the Tea Tree & Sandalwood. 

Out of the other brands we’ve tried, our picks are Klerly’s gummy bears and C-Hemp Shop’s CBD sheet masks. We also love the CBD Facial Acuglow treatment at Balance Health – it’s pricey but a really cool experience. Our dog Woofy loves his CBD oil from Green Roads, which we get from 852cbdhk, which is run by Joe, one of the most knowledgeable peoples in Hong Kong’s CBD industry.

What future plans do you have for CBD Peoples?

We did a rooftop retreat with a DIY CBD muscle gel workshop, yoga and sound bath as our first event. We weren’t going to do another one, but we’ve gotten requests from people who couldn’t make it the first time to host it again, so we’ll see! 

We’d also like to work on a more B2B level with spas, restaurants and shops to help curate CBD experiences that are more thoughtful, rather than using CBD as a gimmick. Educating the shops and businesses is as important as teaching consumers.

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