Meet Elina of Nordic Wild Foods

Berries are one of the tastiest (and most nutritious) superfoods out there, but they’re usually packed with pesticides and/or cost a fortune to get in Hong Kong. However, one easy way to up your berry intake is through berry powders.

Nordic Wild Foods is a new Hong Kong company that produces berry powders from Finland. Making berry powder much more accessible, all you need to do is sprinkle a spoonful into your food and drink to enjoy all the health benefits of the berries.

We had a chat with Nordic Wild Foods’ founder, Elina (who comes from Finland) to find out more about the company and how to best use the powder:

What’s the biggest difference between Finland and Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is way more hectic and crowded than Finland, for sure. In Finland, we have only 5,5 million people, but the area (75% of which is covered by forest!) is huge compared to tiny Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong as it is so bustling and international, though!

What was your experience with berries growing up in Finland?

I come from a small village of 10 000 inhabitants, surrounded by forests and lakes. Like many Finns, I have picked berries with my family since I was a kid. We freezed the fresh berries in our huge freezer so we could have them every day during the long winter. When I am having a cold, my mum still insists me to drink some hot homemade berry juice!

Why did you create a berry powder company?

I’ve always loved Nordic berries and eaten them every day if possible. During the past 12 years, I have had the opportunity to study and work abroad in many amazing places: London, Madrid, Canberra, Singapore and now Shenzhen/Hong Kong.

In addition to my friends and family, berries are something I have always missed from home. Now I want to introduce these amazing Nordic superfoods to people in Asia, and give them the opportunity to taste the pure nature and gain the amazing health benefits with each spoonful.

Where are the berries sourced and made into powder?

Our berries are handpicked in Lapland and other Northern parts of Finland during the short summer between mid-July and August. The area is known for its pristine nature and as one of the cleanest places on Earth. The berries are dried and ground into powder in Finland and then sent to Hong Kong where we use a local packaging company.

What are some benefits of berry powder?

They are super healthy, tasty and easy to use! Wild berries growing in the northern latitudes are full of vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, taste and colour and way more nutrient-dense than cultivated berries.

Our berry powders offer the same nutrients as fresh, wildly grown berries but in dried, easy-to-use form. And you can always have some in your cupboard as the powders don’t go off like fresh stuff!

How do we use the berry powder, and what is your personal favourite way to use it?

You can mix the powders with hot water or use them in smoothies, chia puddings, berry lattes, with yoghurt, in baking, even in cocktails!

My personal favourite is berry overnight oats that I have for breakfast every day: I mix oats, chia seeds, plant-based milk, a bit of honey and 1 teaspoon of berry powder in a jar and place in the fridge overnight. It takes 1 minute to make and saves my busy mornings (if I have time I chop half a banana on top, too)!

The price point is quite high for a 50g bag – can you explain why?

Each teaspoon of berry powder is equivalent to more than a handful of fresh berries, so the bag actually holds almost half a kilo of fresh stuff.

Furthermore, we use wild berries that grow without pesticides in the pristine environment and contain way more nutrients than cultivated berries that you mostly find in supermarkets in Hong Kong.

Will you be adding more berry powders to the lineup, in the future?

Yes, we hope that there will be more products soon! It might be more berry products, wild herbs or mushrooms like chaga – we would like to hear from people in Hong Kong what they are interested in!

What is your spirit berry and why?

It must be bilberry, Nordic wild blueberry. It is persistent, surviving half of the year under the snow, and powerful and full of good stuff on the inside. I hope I am like that, too!

How do you personally stay Healthy in Hong Kong?

I am eating healthy, mostly plant-based food and exercising regularly. I especially love going for hikes during the weekends as it is good for both my body and mind.

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