Meet Jaslyn Koh of

Meet Jaslyn Koh of

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Healthy living wasn’t always so hip, and even today, it can be difficult to find people who share the same passion for working out and eating healthy.

If you’re looking for friends who won’t judge you for obsessing over kale chips, smoothie bowls or printed leggings, you’ve got to check out, a new social platform from Singapore that connects you with fellow health and fitness fanatics. (short for broccoli and dumbbells) helps create “healthy social connections” by connecting its members through social events such as group workouts, casual dating events and more.

Launching in Hong Kong next Saturday, November 3, we had a chat with its founder Jaslyn Koh about her plans for the platform:

What were you doing before

I was in investment banking. After resigning from my role, I started The Busy Woman Project in 2016 to empower women in Asia and the people around them to lead their best lives by being well: mentally, physically and emotionally.

I personally experienced how taking little steps to move and eat better transformed my energy and productivity levels at work. That’s why I set out to build a lifestyle solution that prevents mental and physical illnesses associated with stress.

Where did the idea of come from?

There are three key points which happened over the past five years or so that helped solidify this idea.

  1. Just like many others, I used to socialise and network largely through indulgent parties and drinks. When I started prioritising health & fitness, it was tough to get the same crew of people to join in.
  2. After leaving banking and traveling on my own, I realised how the most meaningful social connections I made were often developed as a result of encouraging one another to finish up an uphill climb, or enjoying a smoothie together after a tough workout.
  3. With The Busy Woman Project, many ladies voiced their concerns around gyms being intimidating, or not being entirely sure nor confident on where to start with lifting weights, especially when getting back on the fitness bandwagon.

It was through these interactions that made me realise that there were often barriers to entry for creating these healthy social connections, such as the tedious task of finding out where to go for good, wholesome food, fitness classes and experiences.

Where did the name come from?

We came up with it on a road trip as they are two of our favorite things! Broccoli and Dumbbells are symbolic of healthy eats & fitness, respectively. Coincidentally, ‘Broc’ & ‘Bells’ also sounds very similar to ‘Bro’ & ‘Belle’, which represent like-minded men and women who want to sweat and eat well.

What do you hope to achieve with

To become the most convenient and intelligent social platform for health-conscious people to discover meaningful connections. To help individuals to find one another and be inspired and accountable to be happier, healthier and be better in their lives, together.

Whether you’re in search of a gym buddy, business partner or even your soulmate, we want to be the meeting ground that makes it all possible. 

Biggest learnings so far in running two businesses?

  • I can’t be good at everything.
  • Embracing learnings, growth, successes/failures. You define what success/failure means to you in anyway.
  • The importance of discovering my ‘worthwhile cause’ and what matters to me; so I can come back to the reason when things get challenging.

What’s next for

Our launch party – HIIT Me Up! – is taking place on Saturday, November 3 at The Hive Central, HK from 10am-1pm. Join us for social fitness workouts such as Spartan X Ballerina and Handstands X Slow Dating, designed to foster healthy social connections & mindful communication.

There will also be an ongoing health, wellness & lifestyle pop-up, where brands are encouraged to come together to set up their booths, facilitating meaningful collaborations.

Pre-register here: (note: social fitness sessions are ticketed)

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