Meet Nikita Ramchandani of Kita Yoga

Meet Nikita Ramchandani of Kita Yoga

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Whether you’re a Hong Kong yogi or someone who aspires to be, chances are you’ve heard of Kita Yoga. Tucked away on the slope of U Lam Terrace above Sheung Wan, the boutique yoga studio is a sanctuary with a relaxed ambience that makes you zen out the moment you step into the space.

Nikita Ramchandani is the founder behind Kita Yoga, which offers a dynamic range of classes including the signature Kita Flow, yin yoga and candlelit meditation. An integral part of Hong Kong’s growing yoga community, she talks to us about the concept behind Kita Yoga, her favourite memories, and next steps for the studio.

What were you doing before Kita Yoga?

Before starting Kita Yoga, I was working at Morgan Stanley in New York.

What was the concept behind Kita Yoga?

We wanted to create a unique space and experience in Hong Kong with a focus on connection, community, self exploration and yoga. Hence, our biggest focus was to create a vibe where people never want to leave, where they take yoga beyond the class and become more conscious of themselves and everything around them. Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of people.

The studio is a minimalist space with an inclusive vibe, bright and airy with lots of plants, where people can practice near something organic and alive. Although we are situated right in Soho, this place is a real escape from the city that’s tucked away in a peaceful yet creative corner of Hong Kong.

Our classes follow a signature format with a rich blend of different lineages of yoga. Every experience is unique and carefully curated with a team of fun, sweet instructors who don’t take themselves to seriously. We are a tight-knit team and our students love to see the progression and consistency throughout our classes.

What’s your favorite memory from Kita Yoga so far?

Every moment I’m at the studio—whether I am teaching, practicing or just hanging out—I am so grateful for our team and community. Our space is one where you truly see human connection and freedom of expression through movement.

If I had to choose, our most recent gathering with the whole team and students is my favorite memory; to see how we’ve grown in the last 2.5 years and how our mission and teachings have resonated with and created shifts within our students is kinda incredible.

What does your typical day at Kita Yoga look like?

Early mornings, teaching, practicing and team meetings to discuss new programming for the development of our students. We are continuously learning and being inspired to understand what the body needs. Our teaching is constantly progressing and integrating new work as peoples’ needs evolve.

How does Kita Yoga create a yogi/wellness community?

It has truly been organic for us, but the main elements that have had a ripple effect are our incredible team and the work they do inside and outside the studio, our cosy neighborhood and authentic teaching material.

From the start, we’ve collaborated with friends in the neighborhood to be a real, holistic space. Furthermore, we hold quarterly socials at the studio, where we partner with like-minded businesses to celebrate each season.

Biggest learning so far in running a yoga studio in Hong Kong?

For us, it has been so important to stay true to our beliefs from the start. We found that our community has grown organically as they have resonated with our methodology. Rather than focus on what other studios were doing, we have always kept the focus on our own mission, brand and growth.

Any advice for someone considering to own a studio?

If you truly have an innate desire to own a studio and have a solid execution plan with an understanding and drive for the work behind it, then go for it!

Indulge in the entire experience of it—creating it, sustaining it, growing it and understand why you are doing it for you. You don’t always have to love the work but you need to have the perseverance and desire to see it through.

What’s next for Kita Yoga?

We are currently in the midst of launching our online platform, so you can practice with us from anywhere in the world! We’re also working on our retreats and new line of merchandise.

We also want to develop is our own training program so we can teach the methods we believe in, which have inspired us and helped us not just with our physical practice but also with our approach to life. We are also secretly vetting a pop up location in another part of the world, which will have its own twist.

Kita Yoga, 1 U Lam Terrace, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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