3 Online Workouts We Discovered (And Loved) During...

3 Online Workouts We Discovered (And Loved) During Covid-19

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If there’s one good thing that came out of Covid-19, it’s that gyms from all over the world started going online, meaning that no matter where you were in the world, you could now tune in to sweat with your favourite gyms and instructors.

We attempted a few live workouts with friends and family across the globe and loved seeing everyone moving to the same beat on Zoom, and discovered a few amazing studios along the way. Here are three that we’ll be sticking to even in the days after Covid-19:

Psycle London

Psycle is one of the coolest gyms in London, thanks to their four workouts formats (Ride, Strength, Barre and Yoga) and uber-cool trainers including @bodbyrodpt, @ptshinny and @josh_edgington!

We loved Sinead’s Glide & Sculpt classes, Rod’s Barre classes and Deep Burn with Maria the most.

Check out their many FREE classes saved on IGTV here: @psyclelondon

Banana Skirt New York

If you’ve ever wanted to dance like Beyonce, J.Lo, Rihanna, Britney or maybe the boys of N*Sync, you need to sign up for Banana Skirt. They’ve got four different types of classes: Starpop Fitness (music video choreo), Ratchet Fitness (cardio done to the latest hits) and C’ise (HIIT class inspired by Beyonce/Rihanna/etc.) and LitAF (mix of Starpop and Ratchet Fitness).

We love the choreo classes by Byron, Ratchet Fitness with Nikki and ‘Cise classes with Matia.

Sign up on Patreon for daily live classes streamed from NYC (at US$19.99/month)

H-Kore Hong Kong

Closer to home, we initially weren’t quite sure how H-Kore would transition to a home workout, but it worked out surprisingly well! Using sliders, paper plates, socks or towels under our feet, it was easy to replicate many of the moves usually done on the Megaformer. From the J.Lo to the bear and scrambled egg, each of their 45-minute workouts had us in a sweaty mess by the end of it.

We especially love Allison‘s MegaKore/HIIT and Chloe‘s BarreKore classes.

No word yet on whether H-Kore will continue offering their online classes, but we’d certainly be up for it!

Online classes were HK$120 or HK$500 for a week of unlimited access. See H-Kore’s latest schedule here.