Pressed Juices closes down in Hong Kong

Pressed Juices closes down in Hong Kong

Have Hong Kongers had enough of juicing? For the past few years, it feels like there’s been a non-stop wave of juice cleanse companies, starting with Genie, Punch and Bejuiced.

Then came Pressed, Mr. Green Juice, nood, Water Juicery, Catch, HK Juice and the more affordable, local market targeted Bless.

I’ve tried pretty much all of them in the last 5 years and Pressed was my absolute fave cuz they had the most variety of mixes to choose from (strawberry almond mylk!!!)—so you can imagine how sad I was to hear that they were leaving Hong Kong (due to it being too expensive to ship all their juices from Australia).

I had no idea they were doing that but it certainly didn’t sound sustainable. Luckily, for those of us with store credit, they didn’t pull a Planet Yoga and run off with our money—instead, a mysterious ‘Mr. Li’ has been Whatsapping members with details on transferring our credit to Genie or getting a refund.

So, goodbye, Pressed Juices… I’ll miss those nut mylks (except for that turmeric one!) but tbh, I’m kinda over juicing anyway. Especially after doing an ‘Olympian’ cleanse the last time during winter where I survived on 400 calories a day -___- #neveragain.

Does anyone out there still juice? I swear, all of the juice companies are running summer discounts right now—are they desperate, or just competitive?


  1. Crave Healthy Food

    4 July


    Not surprised

    You just forgot Crave Healthy Food and although this is only one of our offers, we still have 15 clients on cleanse in average a month

    Have a nice day

  2. Juicing is so passé now, though!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Kim

    12 January

    Unless you are too ill or sick to chew food the best way to stay healthy and able to intake all the nutrients from food you’ve got to chew slowly. Chewing properly helps proper digestion. I don’t understand the craze of buying expensive juice from shops. I’d rather make my own fresh juice or just eat healthy balanced food cooked at home..Also, Hong Kong is too expensive to eat out, I think. I don’t trust with the hygiene in the kitchen and how shop assistants, waiters and chef keep themselves clean..