PT in Your Pocket: Nike Training Club

PT in Your Pocket: Nike Training Club

If you’ve got some space to work out at home, and have access to some dumbbells, you are going to LOVE the Nike Training Club!

As blogged earlier, I’m a huge Nike fan (not only because I used to work for them, but they were always my favourite brand growing up), especially running with Nike Plus to track my speed, distance, pace, etc. So, I downloaded the Nike Training Club app (it’s free!) to see if it was any good too.


The app is technically for women but men will probably find it pretty challenging as well (provided you have the right set of dumbbells). How it works is, there are four different categories of workouts to choose from: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong and Get Focused, and within each of them you specify your activity level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

From there, you can choose from 8-10 different 30-45 minute workouts to complete, all of which guide you through exercise by exercise, complete with photo and video instructions (of beautifully fit and ever-so-slightly sweaty Nike women models). All of the exercises are around 1-2 minutes or 30 seconds, and there’s even narration to keep you motivated and aware of how much longer you’ve got to go. You can even keep your music on in the background as you do your workout, and you’ll still be able to hear the voiceover.


To be honest, the Nike Training Club workouts were a lot tougher than I thought, and usually got me panting/sweating heavily within the first few minutes. At the same time, they also flew by since you go through so many different exercises in one workout. After you complete the workout, you earn rewards and can even see your workout history, so you can either do the same workout the next time around or try something new.

Every so often, the app even gives you bonus workouts from ‘celebrity athletes’ like Hope Solo, Sofia Boutella and Laura Enever (if you know who they are ;)). And, I personally love the spot-specific workouts like toned arms, abs, and leg workouts. All in all, it’s an awesome app and I highly recommend it to anyone needing some extra motivation to workout!

Some screencaps from the Nike Training Club app (download it from iTunes here):


  1. hungryandfit

    7 January

    Awesome! Does it require any attachments like the Nike Plus Running thing?

    • Erica

      7 January

      Nope! Technically, you could let the workout run without actually doing any exercise (since it can’t track you) but why bother then? The app’s free so definitely give it a try!

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