Pumpkin, pesto and feta salad at Cafe O

Pumpkin, pesto and feta salad at Cafe O

Pumpkin Salad Cafe O Hong Kong

I’m not a huge fan of Cafe O but I picked up one of their salads the other day purely out of convenience — the pumpkin, pesto and feta salad.

Side note: Pumpkins are awesome for many reasons — they’re loaded with beta carotene for anti-inflammatory effects, carotenoids to help fight free radicals and premature aging, plus high amounts of vitamins A, C, E and zinc for healthy and glowing skin. They’re also high in fibre, rich in protein and act as a natural diuretic to flush out your body’s toxins. (More about pumpkins)

The salad at Cafe O comes in a pretty big portion with rocket (aka. rucula), large chunks of cooked pumpkin, pesto and a generous helping of feta cheese on top.


I removed half of the feta since it’s too fatty and strong for my tastes, and there was more than enough pesto to flavour the salad.


Taste-wise, the salad is pretty good, but there is a lot more pumpkin in it than rucula. Half of the pumpkin chunks were soft, while the other half was firm (almost raw).


I ended up with quite a bit leftover, which I chucked in the fridge for an afternoon snack. Sadly though, I was pumpkin’ed out after eating 8-10 chunks at lunch, and the last thing I wanted was more of the orange stuff.

Lastly, this salad is more suited to eating behind your desk as the long, uncut pieces of rucula will make you look like you’re growing a plant out of your mouth.

Price: HK$52

Rating: 3/5

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