Q&A: Men’s health issues in Hong Kong

Q&A: Men’s health issues in Hong Kong

On Tuesday, April 9, learn more about men’s health issues at The Hive Hong Kong, who will be hosting a panel featuring four experts on the topic:

  • Dr. Philip Watkins, N.D. BSc Naturopathy, Adv. Dip. Homeopathy
  • Dr. Louis Adrien Ollu, Osteopath D.O. and Paediatric
  • Miles Price, M.Sc., Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist
  • Aneesh Varma, Body Composition Specialist and Wellness Coach

Ahead of the talk, we had a chat with Dr. Louis Adrien Ollu about some of the biggest health issues that men, especially those in Hong Kong, are facing today.

Dr. Louis Adrien Ollu

What are the biggest health issues that men are facing today?

The biggest health issues for men are related to the different bio/psycho/socio-logical stages they are in.

Men between 20 and 45 tend to have muscular-skeletal issues that are related to their family/work environment. In this stage of life, they are focused on their accomplishments from a sociological point of view, which can affect how they view themselves in society and in their relationships.

The intensity of work and relationship pressures can influence their testosterone levels and biological activity (in the heart/liver/gut/brain), which can also affect sleep.

Men above 45 are dealing with the consequences of their lifestyle for the past 30 years, as well as having to transition into a new position in society in terms of hierarchy. Giving up their positions to younger people can sometimes lead to physical and emotional disorders such as heart issues.

No matter their age, other health issues that affect men include back pain, burnout, stroke, digestive issues (colorectal) and heart disease.

How are men living in Hong Kong affected, specifically?

High-strung jobs with long hours, not being able to “discharge” the stress, (through sports, art, meditation and rest), bad food choices, overexposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields) from digital gadgetry, noise and light pollution, etc.

Hong Kong is one of the toughest cities in the world to live healthy, due to the accumulation of stress factors. In fact, it can be hard to survive if you don’t invest in your wellbeing and mental health.

What are three things every man should do to live a healthier life?

Personal development is the key to good mental health. Three things men can do to achieve this are:

  • Accomplishment: When it comes to work, hobbies and family
  • Flexing the ‘warrior hormone’ aka. testosterone: Choosing activities that are close to men’s natural/innate instincts to train self-control and self-confidence
  • Healthy food choices: To basically know and respect yourself

What health checks should men be getting in their 30s, 40s, 50s?

Blood tests should be done from time to time, but people who don’t take good care of themselves will obviously need more check-ups.

In your 30s and 40s, be sure to check your blood pressure and electrocardiogram (ECG). In your 50s, get the colorectal and prostate check-ups.

A word of warning: check-ups are no joke, as terminal illnesses can spring up on you when you least expect them to. The best way forward is prevention.

Join the Men’s Health panel at The Hive Hong Kong on April 9, 2019 – more event details available here.