Red Mango: Healthiest froyo in Hong Kong?

Red Mango: Healthiest froyo in Hong Kong?

Red Mango arrived in Hong Kong quite late in the froyo game, much later than Yo Mama, Crumbs, Yoppi, Yogo, Tuttimelon (the list goes on and on)… And other than its super central location on Wellington Street across Nha Trang, does it actually have anything unique to offer to Hong Kong yogurt-eaters?

According to their website, Red Mango claims to have the healthiest froyo in town, claiming to be “the only all-natural, kosher and certified gluten-free frozen yogurt fortified with GanedenBC30TM, a patented natural probiotic that can help support a healthy immune and digestive system*.”

It’s also said to be “100% all natural, fat-free and gluten-free with no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors.” But then again, all of the froyo guys say the same.

All I know is, Crumbs is definitely not healthy judging by its ultra-creamy texture and somewhat artificial taste, not to mention the crumbs themselves (a mix of sugar, cinnamon and who knows what else). Someone I know has gotten food poisoning from Yoppi, and Tuttimelon and their giant cups just encourages you to fill ‘er up with way too many candy toppings.

When it comes down to Red Mango vs. Yo Mama, I recommend Yo Mama especially their green tea flavour (bonus points for fat-burning matcha)! Also Yo Mama is a way better deal as the tiny cup from Red Mango is already HK$42 (compared to HK$26 at Yo Mama).

Agree/disagree? Any thoughts from the froyo-eaters out there? πŸ˜€



  1. Fit Meet Food

    22 November

    I actually live in macau and recently they open a red mango and I thought it was amazing..I think the calories for the size are quite good (if they are true ahah) and I think the froyo is very tasty and great quality. I can only compare it whit dairy queen because I don’t know the other ones you’re talking. But I recommend red mango for a craving of icecream! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey! I’m a froyo eater!

    Wonder why you don’t like crumbs? I love crumbs! My favorite combination is house crumbs + granola + blueberry! I must admit it’s not very healthy tho…but nonetheless, I still love Crumbs! I also like Yo Mama and Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar.

    I wrote a post on Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar,
    Have a look if you have time

    ‘ve never been to Red Mango though. I’ve walked past it, but never actually went in.