Review: 12Noon’s cold-pressed juices

Review: 12Noon’s cold-pressed juices

It’s 2018, and if you’re wondering whether people still do juice cleanses, the answer is YES. Let’s face it—there’re only popular during the beginning of the year (hello, New Year’s resolutions) and in the middle of summer when everyone’s looking to lose that extra water weight for their next beach and/or boat trip.

Or, if you’re like me, you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of eating too much junk food again, where the only thing you crave is more sweet, greasy and calorie-dense than the next.

Enter the almighty juice cleanse. People are still divided over whether they “work” or not (the answer depends on what you’re after), but for those who simply want to reset their palettes and enforce some serious self-discipline, with some slimming side effects, continue reading.

Personally, I’ve tried a handful of juice cleanses over the years by Genie, Punch Detox, Bejuiced and Mr. Green Juice (which no longer exists), so I’ve had my share of liquid diets. Each time, I’ve been able to shed some weight as well as regain control of my food choices.

12Noon were kind enough to offer me a 1-day juice cleanse so that I could try out their assortment of cold-pressed juices. They included the Master Green, Green Love, Slim-o-nade, Lean Greens, Cashew Mylk and Pineapple Glow, which makes up the RESTORATION pack.

They also have a variety of other cleanse packs including Bridal, Hardcore, Transformation, Purification and The Man, all of which include six bottles of different juices starting at HK$350 per day (see them on their website here).


The juices

So how were the juices?

Master Green: kale, cucumber, romaine, spinach, ginger, lemon

-Very dense, green juice flavour and the strongest juice of the day.

Green Love: red apple, lemon, pineapple, kale, spinach, ginger

-A sweeter kind of green juice thanks to the apple and pineapple additions, but with the benefits of leafy greens

Slim-O-Nade: lemon, honey, cayenne pepper, cinnamon

-Basically, a version of the popular Master Cleanse to help detoxify and increase metabolism

Lean Greens: spinach, cucumber, red apple, parsley, lemon

-A relatively light version of a green juice that’s sweet to the taste

Cashew Mylk: cashew, dates, salt, vanilla, water

-Creamy and satisfying nut milk with just the right amount of sweetness

Pineapple Glow: red apple, pineapple, mint

-an overly sweet juice that I honestly couldn’t get past a few sips with

Overall, I have to say that the juices were very dense and tasted like a lot of high-quality produce went into them. Compared to juices at Blessed, which taste quite watered down, you definitely can feel the quality of the juices with 12Noon.

At just HK$350 to HK$399 per day for six bottles, it’s extremely good value for money when compared to other Hong Kong juice cleanse companies that charge nearly double that.

Check out their stores too for healthy versions of fast food like instant noodles, soups, snack pots, quinoa/soba bowls, and more.

Reviewed by @wafflerica in June 2018