Review: Eatology in Hong Kong

Meal planning can be a pain, which is why so many healthy meal delivery companies have sprung up in Hong Kong, including Nutrition Kitchen (which was reviewed recently). Another one I had the pleasure of trying a few months ago was Eatology, who were kind enough to let me try it for three days.

Before I go into the day by day breakdown, a few overall observations:

Meal plans

I was impressed with Eatology’s wide range of meal plan choices, including Lighter Delights, Balanced Living, Vegetarian, Vegan, Optimal Performance and Tailor Made. They are a lot more flexible than some other meal delivery companies in HK and can definitely accommodate different diets.


Each day, my meals were delivered at around 9:30am to my office in a royal purple reuseable Eatology bag, with a little cloth envelope attached that housed my daily menu. The menu was personalised with my name and the date, and included nutritional information on what each dish was and its caloric breakdown. This was very informative and added a really nice, personal touch!


All of the Eatology meals are packaged in compostable boxes that are biodegradable. You can also return them to Eatology the next day if you want to make sure they get recycled. Much better than plastic packaging for sure!

Onto the day-by-day breakdown… FYI I asked for a low-carb, pescetarian menu as I don’t eat meat and wanted to avoid starchy foods before my wedding!


Summary: Everything was super delicious and thoughtfully prepared! I had no idea what a ‘quenelle’ was but the salmon meatballs were seasoned well and had a crumbly, creamy texture. The sesame shrimps were also very crunchy and fresh, and the avocado eggs tied me over till dinnertime. It certainly felt very gourmet even though it’s all healthy.

Total calories: 1,495 (Carbs 74g, Protein 135g and Fat 73g)


Summary: Forgot to take a picture of the second snack: cheese muffins! Everything was delicious again, although I have to say the fruit salad wasn’t that satisfying. But you can see from the pictures the insane amount of food provided! I wasn’t even hungry during lunch and seeing that huge salmon filet made me feel even more full. Surprisingly when I finally dug into it, having microwaved it for about 30 seconds, the salmon was still incredibly tender and pink in the middle — so I ended up eating it all. By dinner, I was so full that I only ate half the barramundi.

Total calories: 1,484 (Carbs 67g, Protein 163g, Fat 62.5g)


Summary: Forgot to photograph dinner, which was red snapper with green lentils. For Day 3, I really liked the crepes with Comte cheese and the smoked salmon with yogurt & chives. A disappointment was the tuna that came with the Nicoise salad though, as it had a rainbow sheen to it that didn’t seem too appetising or safe to eat (it also smelled quite fishy and not so fresh). Despite that, I was very happy with the rest of the meals and didn’t miss much in terms of protein.

Total calories: 1,568 (Carbs 73g, Protein 166g, Fat 68g)

Overall thoughts

I really enjoyed Eatology and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for customisable healthy meal delivery in Hong Kong. The average price per day is around HK$388 and when you compare that to a typical juice cleanse that costs HK$500-600 per day (where you are just drinking juices), having 3 meals and 2 snacks from Eatology is quite an amazing deal.

You can get Eatology meals delivered for 1 or 2 weeks at a time, making it perfect for busy people who are prepping for a special occasion, or who just don’t have the time to prep their own meals (most of us, really).

Check out Eatology and their sample menus on

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, but Eatology provided the meals to Healthy HKG at no cost for review.


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