Review: Food Folk Hong Kong meal plan

Review: Food Folk Hong Kong meal plan

We’ve tried several meal plans in Hong Kong including Eatology and Nutrition Kitchen (click to read the reviews) over the years, and were delighted to discover another meal plan company called Food Folk HK in Wong Chuk Hang.

According to their website, their philosophy is:

Respect the living food ecosystem. Cook from scratch. Cook with wholefoods, natural, non GMO plants. Cook with animals raised only in their natural habitats and natural feeds. Buy local, seasonal or work with small family farms. Make flavors matter. Waste little, recycle and compost.

—Food Folk HK

Run by Marilyn Santiago, a Hong Kong resident, former engineer and mother of two, Food Folk provides nourishing meals for busy people on the go. What’s unique about them is that each meal plan is personalised and comes with holistic health coaching by their resident health coach.

Those who’d like greater support reaching their health goals can also opt for an eight-week meal plan with holistic health coaching. As newbies in Wong Chuk Hang struggling to find anything healthy to eat, we were invited to give Food Folk’s five-day meal plan a try.

Pre-meal plan

Prior to starting the meal plan, we filled in a questionnaire from Food Folk HK to share some personal details, including height and weight (for calculating calorie quotas), dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, pescetarian, etc), dates for the meal plan, reasons for wanting a meal plan, any allergies (e.g. ‘peanuts will kill me’), aversions (e.g. ‘I hate mushrooms’) and preferences for high/low carb or proteins.

The meals

You can choose between 2 or 3 meals per day, plus snacks (we opted for two meals a day and tried a mix of breakfast + lunch, and lunch + dinner).

Day 1

Quinoa porridge with honey basil drizzle and fruit salad
Nicoise salad
Energy bar

Notes: The quinoa porridge was delicious and filling – not too sweet with a light and chewy texture. The ingredients in the Nicoise salad were also very fresh and the red onion was served cooked (as per our food aversion in the questionnaire).

Day 2

Sourdough toast with poached egg and kale spinach greens plus smashed avocado (not pictured)
Buddha Salad with pumpkin, edamame and tofu
Whole wheat vegan banana muffin

Notes: We liked how the kale and spinach greens had been cooked through by Food Folk HK, while the smashed avo was served cold. The salad was also super filling thanks to the generous chunks of pumpkin and tofu. As for the muffin, it was moist, fluffy and light, and best of all, vegan!

Day 3

Overnight oats in coconut milk with pomegranate
Tuna Caesar wholewheat wrap
Fruit cup

Notes: The overnight oats were so delicious with bits of nuts scattered throughout, and the tuna wrap was surprisingly fresh (made with actual tuna chunks – not from a can – and paired with crisp Romaine lettuce).

Day 4

Soba salad with tofu and zoodles
Fish curry with quinoa rice and veggies
Vegan fudge brownie

Notes: This was our first day of the lunch + dinner combination. The soba salad was cool and refreshing with zoodles mixed in, while the vegan brownie was such a treat! As for the fish curry, it had a really nice flavour but came with too much quinoa rice.

Day 5

Falafel salad
Fettuccine and zoodles with seared tuna and vegetables
Homemade yogurt with granola

Although the falafel was a bit on the dry side, the tangy hummus dressing gave the salad lots of flavour. The tuna pasta, on the other hand, was one of our favourite dishes from the Food Folk HK meal plan. Mixed in with zoodles to make it relatively guilt-free, it tasted super fresh and was paired with a tender, perfectly seared piece of tuna.


We were very impressed with the quality (and quantity) of food from Food Folk HK. Everything tasted like it had been made from scratch (with love) by someone who genuinely cares that you’re getting healthy and nourishing meals.

From the quality and freshness of the ingredients to the use of eco-friendly packaging (for 90% of the meals), Food Folk HK is doing a great job in providing a sustainable option for meal plans in Hong Kong.

Priced at HK$1,825 for a five-day meal plan (for two meals and two snacks a day; averaging HK$365 per day), it’s also very affordable. Meals can also be ordered a la carte from their website at very reasonable rates (e.g. HK$28 for a side salad, HK$45 for a wrap, HK$59 for a full-sized salad, HK$69 for curry, HK$20 for a brownie, etc).

As someone who works in Wong Chuk Hang, where there aren’t many lunch options, let alone healthy ones—Food Folk HK is a godsend for those of us who value healthy eating.

Not in WCH? Food Folk HK also delivers to other locations in Hong Kong so check out your options on

Disclaimer: Healthy HKG received a complimentary 5-day meal plan from Food Folk HK for review. However, all opinions in this post are the author’s own.