Review: Green Sisters Creation reusable masks

Review: Green Sisters Creation reusable masks


There are now plenty of reusable fabric masks out there, but many of them either don’t have a filter, or require an additional slip-in filter for added protection. For those who prefer an all-in-one solution, one of the best options to try is from a company called Green Sisters.

A Hong Kong brand that has plans to expand into health, holistic self-care, skincare and food, Green Sisters currently sells a selection of high-quality Japanese medi fabric masks.

Each mask has three layers: an outer shell made with water-repellent polyester to protect you from droplets, a middle non-woven filter layer that’s tested to be 99% BFE and 97% PFE, and an inner lining that’s translucent, thin and soft against the skin. The fabric is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

The Green Sisters masks come in eight colours: lavender, coral pink, baby blue, navy, gray, olive green, white and denim, and they’ve also released a new ‘Featherweight’ series that they claim is even more lightweight and breathable.


We received a lavender Green Sisters mask for review and have worn it approximately 10 times (in between our other regular masks). The packaging is quite useful, as it has a detailed explanation of each of the three layers on the back, and a folded section that you can cut off and keep track of how many times you’ve used the mask. Since the mask is reusable for up to 100x, that was very handy to have.

When it comes to the size, it leans towards a larger fit, since it only comes in adult and kid size. Green Sisters claim that the adult size is one-size-fits-most, so unless you have a very small face, go for the adult size. The ear loops are lengthier than most masks, and are adjustable too.

When fitted right, the Green Sisters mask is very breathable, but that also depends on which way you have it up. We found that if the mask was worn too tight and/or we were taking deep breaths (such as when walking uphill), it would create a sort of vacuum seal where it became very difficult to get air in (most likely due to the water-repellent nature of the outermost layer). Otherwise, the mask is extremely breathable and fine if you’re just wearing it casually, such as in the office or normal walking around.

We also loved the mask’s innermost lining, which felt super soft and like it was slightly lifted off of the face. To clean the mask, we used normal soap and water to create a sudsy wash, and hung it up to dry. Note: Makeup stains came out very easily and the white inner lining did not become stained over time at all.


The Green Sisters mask is a great all-in-one mask with a built-in filter, making it a convenient, protective and eco-friendly choice. The variety of colours makes it easy to mix and match, while the reusability factor of 100x is perfect for those who want to lighten their impact on the environment.

Price: HK$128-HK$148 per mask, available on; use the code ‘HEALTHYHKG’ at checkout for a 10 percent discount; valid until 31 December 2021

Green Sisters reusable masks













  • Great colourways
  • Built-in filter
  • Reusable up to 100x


  • Not for heavy breathing
  • Limited size options