Review: H-Kore Quarry Bay

H-Kore has just opened a brand new studio in Quarry Bay this month and here’s a look inside:

The megaroom entrance

The megaformers studio

There’s actually a partial seaview

H-Kore house rules

The megaformer up close

H-Kore Quarry Bay review

Class: H-Kore, 45 minutes
Level of difficulty: 4.5/5
Instructors: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Location: 4/5

H-Kore classes take place on a megaformer, similar to a Pilates reformer but with more straps, springs and platforms. The instructor will introduce newbies to the equipment to start, then get right into the class which combines Pilates with cardio and stretching. Moves include lunges, planks, pikes, wheelbarrows and other highly challenging bodyweight exercises (many involving the moving platform) so that you’ll always have a bit of instability to kick your core into high gear. Prepare to sweat and shake as this class will make you realise just how strong (or weak!) you really are…

Notes: Grippy socks are a must and newbies get a free pair on their first class. Water fountains are available; just bring a bottle. The Quarry Bay location also offers CircuitKore and YogaKore classes in the adjacent studio (they do not involve megaformers).

Price: HK$350 for 2 classes to start; available on ClassPass