Review: Heels class at StudioDanz by Milton Lopes

Review: Heels class at StudioDanz by Milton Lopes

I first came across Milton at Central Dance Studios in Hong Kong, where I had taken a hip hop class (via ValuUp) and saw him in the next room teaching a class in high heels. So when I found out he was now teaching at StudioDanz (one of the best dance schools in HK), I knew I had to try it out!

Oh, by the way, Milton is a guy, but he’s more like Beyonce with twice the attitude when he’s dancing (think tons of hair flips, hissy fit stomps and copious amounts of ‘oh no you di’n’t!’ finger pointing moves).

The class

We started with about 30 minutes of warm-up (without heels) where we did lots of different stretches. We then put on our heels and did some jumping in place and kicks. Next, we all shuffled onto one end of the studio to practice some catwalks (think America’s Next Top Model, where Milton is Miss J), so off we went, back and forth across the studio with our fiercest walks and runway poses.

When it came to choreography, I won’t lie — as a beginner, it was quite difficult to follow because the moves were quite advanced AND the music was super fast (we danced to Beyonce’s Welcome to Hollywood). Also, it seemed like most of the women in the class had been attending for weeks at least, since they all knew the choreography already.

Anyway, do hang in there, because even if you don’t know all the moves, the key is to feel the music and bring your own attitude to the dance moves. My tip: focus on the moves you can remember (ie. a hand clap or hip swivel here and there) and the rest you can improvise!

What to wear

Don’t wear anything too baggy for the Heels class at StudioDanz — you’ll want to show your body off especially when you’re pushing a hip out or making angles with your legs. From what I saw, off-shoulder tops with a tank layered inside with leggings works, or try a pair of shorts and a looser T-shirt.

As for footwear, it’s advisable to wear heels with a thicker heel so you can stay balanced, but I saw everything from cheap pink pumps and pointy toed slingbacks to glittery heels and gladiator-style strappy sandals in the class. Some women also wore knee-high socks with their heels to make a fashion statement.


I didn’t expect this class to be as sweaty as it was so make sure you bring lots of water with you (and a small towel). It’s a lot of fun and a great way to bring out your sexy side (yes, there is some crotch grabbing and sexual moves in the choreography — which the local ladies love giggling about) while getting a good workout. At the end of the class, the class is split into smaller groups to perform, so you can get a kick out of everyone else’s attempt at the choreo (and the shrieks of laughter coming out of the local ladies each time they’ve nailed it)!

Check out Milton doing a wicked choreo here:




  1. What an idea! I have never heard of anything like it. The choreography is amazing. I have been going to Zumba for a few months and love it – and it definitely gets easier after a few weeks when you learn some of the moves.

    • Hi Sarah, yes, it’s a lot of fun but my feet started hurting near the end of the class, lol. I’ve still got to try Zumba!

  2. Des

    14 September

    Hi there! Try our Heels Class at MMS Studios. Call 3665 0700 or visit our studios at 15th Floor QRE Plaza, Queens Road East, Wanchai.

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