Review: Nutrition Kitchen, healthy meal delivery i...

Review: Nutrition Kitchen, healthy meal delivery in Hong Kong

Nutrition Kitchen is one of many healthy meal delivery companies in Hong Kong that have sprung up recently, to help everyone from office ladies to gym junkies reach their fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to muscle up, lose fat or improve your performance, their weekly set menus of 2 or 3 meals a day, delivered to your home or office, make it so much easier to make the right choices come mealtime.

What’s unique about Nutrition Kitchen is that they offer “restaurant quality” meals through S.H.A.R.K. (Swire Hotels and Restaurants Kitchen) and the nutritional info (breakdown of macros) is clearly labeled on each meal.

You can order in 5, 10 or 20-day packages, and choose between Small/Large and Mixed/Low Carb options. Prices range from HK$790 to HK$1,575 for five days, depending on your choice of options.

Note: If you have specific dietary restrictions such as being pescetarian (like me!), vegetarian or vegan, Nutrition Kitchen is not able to fully cater to you just yet.

Pete Fisher, personal trainer and founder of Nutrition Kitchen, told us the major challenge was “providing sufficient variety in the menus. Vegan options would limit us to combining incomplete proteins to hit the macronutrient targets and there would be a lot of repetition day to day and meal to meal.”

However, it is notable that other meal delivery companies do offer vegan and vegetarian options.


I was given two low-carb meals (breakfast and lunch) from Nutrition Kitchen to try in one day:

Scrambled egg with smoked salmon and asparagus
500 calories
29.4 grams fat
4.3 grams carbs
54.5 grams protein

This was a huge box of scrambled eggs with a few pieces of smoked salmon on top, that I ate for lunch instead of breakfast. The baby asparagus was crisp, fresh and bright green and added light texture to the meal. The eggs were seasoned well and fluffy, while the salmon was of very good quality. Since it was a daunting 500 calories, I only ate half the box as it was already very filling.

Sesame crusted tuna with cabbage and mushrooms
298 calories
6 grams fat
16 grams carbs
45.1 grams protein

By night, I cracked open the tuna box but wasn’t too impressed with the flavour of the tuna (just my personal preference). The sesame crust gave it a slightly sweet flavour and some chew, but what I liked more was the sautéed cabbage and mushroom base. Again, it was quite a lot in one box, so I only ended up eating half.

The next day, I polished off the leftovers from each box for breakfast and dinner, and got myself a proper lunch in between.


According to Pete, Nutrition Kitchen started out targeting personal training clients and regular gym goers and the meals do feel a bit more utilitarian than foodie-focused.

That said, their straight-forward approach to healthy meal planning is easy to understand and a good learning experience for anyone who’d like to make their own macro-balanced meals in the future.

When asked if you could eat on top of the Nutrition Kitchen meals, Pete said, “Our aim has never been to provide all of someone’s daily nutrition needs, rather we are focused on providing a solid foundation.” So, feel free to supplement it with other foods you like (just don’t go too crazy).

After trying Nutrition Kitchen, I would recommend it more for fitness junkies and body builders (people who know what macros are) rather than someone who doesn’t work out (e.g. sedentary office folk).

Being on a meal plan by Nutrition Kitchen would definitely be a huge help for anybody who is currently on a training plan and needs the proper nutrition, delivered to them conveniently, to reach their fitness goals.

Check them out at

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, but the meals were provided by Nutrition Kitchen to Healthy HKG at no cost.



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  3. Ryder

    17 October

    You ate a grand total of <400 calories for lunch AND dinner? Not sure how healthy that is…