Review: Warrior Muay Thai in Hong Kong

Review: Warrior Muay Thai in Hong Kong

Warrior Muay Thai Hong Kong

A new muay thai gym opened up in Tin Hau/Fortress Hill recently called Warrior Muay Thai Hong Kong — and I was so excited to know that it was super close to my place, and just two floors above Studiodanz, where I used to take those dancing in heels classes!

The gym is in a space called The Lab, which is a partnership between Warrior Muay Thai and Coastal Fitness, who run Crossfit (a military styled workout that’s been called both ‘extreme’ and ‘addictive’). During my visit, Crossfit wasn’t set up yet, but it should be by mid-March.

I signed up for the Ladies Class on Sunday afternoon, which I’m told is essentially the same as the usual muay thai class minus the men. It was supposed to be a group class, but since Warrior Muay Thai is still in its soft opening phase and not many people know about it, I lucked out by being the only one there and got a 1-on-1 session instead (score!).

The class

The 75 minute class started with 30 minutes of warmup in front of the mirror which involved stretching, a focus on technique (the different types of punches and kicks, plus footwork), and some push-ups and sit-ups by the punching bags.

After warming up, we went into the ring and did some punch-kick combinations, which definitely challenged my focus, coordination and technique. Because the trainer was Thai, it was a bit difficult to understand what he was saying but after a while I finally caught on (I know, bad excuse, haha). In between sets, he stood on my feet while I did 10 sit-ups with two punches on each way up, and we also did some supersets (e.g. 30 kicks or 30 punches in a row) to keep my heart rate up.

The last part of the class was done by the punching bags again — more punching, kicking, various combos — and then we finished with more sit-ups. We then cooled down by stretching for about five minutes, and that was that!


The gym itself is quite nice as the left side of the entire floor faces the harbour so you can see all the way over to Kowloon as you punch the bags. Everything is clean and bright (as it’s new) and there are plenty of punching bags for each person. Class sizes are limited to 12 people, with 3 trainers on each class so everyone gets enough attention.

There’s separate change rooms with toilets, showers and lockers — towels are provided and Warrior Muay Thai also sell beverages like coconut water, vitamin water, and protein shakes. There’s also a section of the gym with comfy sofas, free weights, a rowing machine and a Schwinn Airdyne bike, which you’re free to use before/after your class.


I had a lot of fun at the Warrior Muay Thai ladies’ class today and will definitely be back to try it again. Classes are sold separately by drop-in (HK$200 for peak, HK$150 for off-peak) or in packages (5x, 10x, monthly, etc.), making it a flexible option instead of having to sign a contract.

Those who live or work in the Tin Hau/Fortress Hill area finally have somewhere to work out! And once Crossfit gets all set up, there’ll be even more variety for fitness junkies to choose from.

Tip: You’ll need to buy your own hand wraps before joining the class (HK$100 at the front desk) but they provide the boxing gloves. 

Warrior Muay Thai Hong Kong, The LAB, 3/F, Block C, Seaview Building, 8 Watson Road, Tin Hau, +852 2512 2262,


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    29 January

    I first came across Milton at Central Dance Studios in Hong Kong, where I had taken a hip hop class (via ValuUp) and saw him in the next room teaching a class in high heels. So when I found out he was now teaching at StudioDanz (one of the best dance schools in HK), I knew I had to try it out! Oh, by the way, Milton is a guy, but he s more like Beyonce with twice the attitude when he s dancing (think tons of hair flips, hissy fit stomps and copious amounts of oh no you di n t! finger pointing moves).