Review: WM Project Reusable Masks

Healthy HKG WM Project Natural Mask Review

It’s great seeing more and more reusable mask brands in Hong Kong, including those we’ve reviewed before such as Green Sisters Creation, Nanoknit and Lockill, just to name a few. Another noteworthy brand to know in Hong Kong is WM Project, who make face-flattering reusable masks in three designs: Natural, V-shape and Leisure.

We had the chance to try out WM Project’s Natural masks, which are the wireless, single-layered version. Available in a range of colours including black, red, green, pink, peanut, purple and more, they’re great for wearing on their own or over another mask for extra filtration and protection.

Each WM Project Natural mask comes in its own sealed plastic bag, and inside, you’ll find the mask along with a small carrying bag that’ll sure come in handy when you need to take your mask off for meals and whatnot. There’s also a label attached that explains WM Project’s ViralOff technology.

About ViralOff

All WM Project masks are treated with ViralOff technology, which is a type of fabric treatment that makes it anti-bacterial and anti-viral to a certain extent. Based on lab tests, ViralOff has been proven to reduce viruses by up to 99.8% within two hours, making it a good outer layer in case you decide to wear it over another regular mask.

We’ve reviewed another mask previously that’s treated with ViralOff as well – the Pacsafe ViralOff reusable masks – which are even thinner than WM Project’s version but also light and comfortable enough to wear for exercise.


We really liked the construction of WM Project’s Natural mask, due to the smooth feel and high quality of the stretchy, neoprene-like fabric. The edges are also nicely stitched for a comfy fit, and the straps are also adjustable to suit all sizes. We liked how there was plenty of room in the mask to breathe when we tried it on, and the WM Project logo along the top edge looks cool, futuristic and sporty.

Since this was a very lightweight and comfortable mask, we would recommend this mask for activities such as hiking, walking, yoga and light jogging. Or, as mentioned above, wearing under or on top of your regular mask for an extra layer of protection.

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WM Project Natural Mask

HK$115-149 per mask












  • Lightweight and breathable
  • High-quality construction
  • ViralOff technology


  • No filtration or nose clip
  • On the expensive side