Rotisserie chicken with arugula salad at Californi...

Rotisserie chicken with arugula salad at California Vintage

If you’re looking for a healthy place to have a sit-down lunch in Central, I highly recommend California Vintage. I don’t know why I never went much before but after going there recently with a friend, I went back twice (for a total of three times) in less than one week!

The lunch set at California Vintage is three courses: soup or salad, a choice of mains from their regular menu that get switched out every couple of weeks, and a super yummeh pot of chocolate pudding for dessert.

Prices range from HK$88 to HK$148 depending on your choice (including a coffee/tea/drink), but here is the organic garden salad with Cherry Cola vinaigrette and rotisserie chicken on a bed of arugula (HK$118 for the set):

Salad with avocado, chopped egg, bell pepper strips and more

Giant half chicken on a bed of rucola

The salad’s quite good, as it’s fresh, decently sized, and the dressing is nice and sweet. The chicken though, was HUGE (perfect for hungry men or those with big appetites) but as it’s so much meat, I found it extremely difficult to finish.

In the end, I left a big hunk of breast on the plate, which I would have liked to take away but didn’t have anywhere to put it (no fridge)… So, bring your appetite if you plan on ordering the gigantic super-sized American chicken.

(Side note: I couldn’t help thinking of the giant American-bred chickens ever since starting the book “Eating Animals”, which is another reason why I didn’t finish the chicken…) :/

California Vintage, 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2525 9808,