Run 42km for a Nike Unlimited tee!

I’ll be honest — I’ve been neglecting my Nike+ Running app for a while now. Blame my bad back but in this horrid heat, I prefer to slow-hike my way around the hood instead (to stay in the fat-burning zone). Plus, the Nike+ Running app for Android just doesn’t do a good enough job at motivating me (no photo taking/sharing option— whut!?).

But if you haven’t noticed, Nike Hong Kong has launched a major promotion lately with neon-coloured Swooshes all over town and as die-hard Nike fan, I couldn’t help but follow the ads onto their homepage. It’s mostly in Chinese but what I’ve made out with my limited reading skills (and Google Translate) is there are a few group runs going on this Weds and next (10 & 17 August) at TKO and TST respectively.

There’s also a challenge where if you register with your Nike+ Running app and log 42 km from now till 21 August, you’ll get a souvenir Nike Unlimited t-shirt!

It’s a small reward, but for whatever reason I’m totally motivated now to run my way to a free tee. The app is back onto my phone, I’ve got my running belt packed, and I’ve signed up for two 9-km group runs with Nike. I guess it isn’t that hard to motivate me — all it takes is a free tee!

If you want to sign up, visit this page here: NIKE UNLIMITED RUNNING and go to “NRC App Challenge’.

Unlimited Running Nike HKG.

(But seriously, I think I’m going straight back to Endomondo after this if Nike doesn’t update their Android running app…)