Running from North Point to Quarry Bay

Running from North Point to Quarry Bay

Since moving to North Point, I had to find another regular spot to run, and with all the busy roads around, there didn’t seem to be too many options. Back in Tin Hau, Victoria Park was right at my doorstep and the Causeway Bay Sports Ground was just a five-minute walk away, but North Point seemed a bit trickier.

However, I’ve recently discovered the Quarry Bay Promenade which is actually not far at all from where I am in NP. It’s also quite popular among runners, walkers and tai-chi’ers and offers a good 5.2-ish kilometres (from the start going towards SOHO East and back).

Truth be told, it’s a bit smelly at the beginning and a portion of it is actually the North Point Dog Park (not recommended for joggers if you are afraid of being chased down), but all-in-all, it’s quite nice as a casual run. It starts with a pier-like wooden planked ground, then turns into a concrete surface.

Here are some pics I took on a recent morning run — as you can see there aren’t too many people at about 7-8am, making it a quiet place to start your day. Oh, and note the people swimming in the harbour! Brave souls, they are.

To get there, go to Hoi Yu Street and follow the runners! You’ll eventually hit SOHO East, where the ferry to Lei Yue Mun is. You can turn around from there and head back to Hoi Yu Street for a total of 5.2-ish kilometres.




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