Running in Happy Valley: Where to lock up your bel...

Running in Happy Valley: Where to lock up your belongings

Happy Valley is one of the best places to run in Hong Kong, not only because it’s got two long distance tracks (1370 metres for the outer track and about 1140 metres on the inner track), but also because it’s the one place you’re surrounded by other fitness junkies in Hong Kong, ranging from rugby and football players to various bootcamp and running groups.

In the middle of the Happy Valley Sports Ground are change rooms for men and women, including shower and toilet facilities, plus some new lockers where keys are supplied on orange wristbands (priority is given Β to those who have booked certain facilities on the sports ground).

Change room lockers with keys

If they are all taken, not to worry, as there are a bunch of extra metal lockers outside where you’ll need to bring your own lock.

If you don’t have a lock, that’s no excuse NOT to work out, because luckily the man in the snack shop next to the change rooms sells them for HK$25 each. A small price to pay for locking up all your precious belongings and getting a good workout in, don’t Β you think? πŸ™‚

The snack guy also sells drinks and Hong Kong snacks like siu mai and my personal fave: sour raspberry and blueberry candy tape (only HK$6 for an instant sugar high)! Oops, that wasn’t a very healthy tip now was it…lol!

The Happy Valley snack shop

A sturdy black lock for HK$25



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