Running with Nike+ GPS in Hong Kong

Ask most people whether they like running, and their answer is generally a loud “NO!” The reasons range from it’s painful, tiring, “boring” etc. butΒ there is a fantastic tool out there that might just convert even the biggest haters of running.

Created in 2006, the Nike+iPod tool revolutionized the running scene by making it actually FUN to run, by way of tracking how far you ran and how fast, all through a simple little chip that you put inside of your shoe that links up with your iPod (nano at the time). Not only could you set goals for yourself (ie. X number of km per week or month), you could even compete against friends anywhere around the world (ie. first to run 50km, or fastest km run)!

What’s more, each run you do is either based on time or distance, and you get instant feedback in your headphones when you’ve reached a certain distance, like “One kilometre completed!” at each kilometre mark and “Halfway point!” so you know when exactly to turn around and head home (or not).

In 2010, Nike launched the Nike+ GPS appΒ (US$1.99)Β for the iPhone, which uses GPS to track your location so you no longer needed a chip in your shoe. Although I have yet to try it on a treadmill (not sure how exactly that’d work), I LOVE this app because it’s just so awesome!

I took it out for a run today from Tin Hau up through Tai Hang Road over to Bowen Road, and have attached some screenshots from the app in the gallery below. A really cool feature that the Nike+ app has is you can tell your friends on Facebook when you’re starting a run, and anytime they LIKE or COMMENT on your post, you’ll hear the sound of crowds cheering in your headphones! πŸ˜€

Also, after your run is completed, you can see your route mapped out, including each km mark and your speed (red is slow, yellow medium, green is fast). Don’t forget to add some comments to your run like how you felt, what the weather was like, what kind of terrain you were on and any notes you might have.

Once your run is completed, it will automatically post your run as a status update on Facebook, giving you some pressure to make it an impressive one (especially if it’ll be posting your pace as well)! Of course, you can choose not to share it on your social networks if you don’t want to, especially if your friends start to hate on your healthy ways. πŸ˜›



  1. Great, thanks for this. I often wonder if these types of things work in HK. So I assume you have to carry your phone when you run. How do you carry it?

    • Erica

      17 January

      Hi Sarah! Good question — for now I’m just carrying it in a small bag in my hand (and alternating hands every so often) but I’m shopping around for a good running wallet that can fit a phone, keys and cards. Not sure if I want a fanny pack but it might come down to that, lol!

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