Sea coconut almond tea at Chinese Urban Healing Te...

Sea coconut almond tea at Chinese Urban Healing Tea

If you’re ever rushing through Hong Kong’s Central MTR station and thirsty for a drink, it’s worth paying a visit to Chinese Urban Healing Tea, a chain of healthy TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) drinks, soups and snacks.

In the chilled section they have a large assortment of healthy drinks like Chinese medicinal teas, jellies, sweet soups, fruit-based drinks and milk too, like this “Sea coconut, Sichuan fritillary and almond tea” that I absolutely love. It’s smooth, silky and tastes great — the only thing is that it’s pretty calorie dense (about 600 calories a bottle) so drink in moderation!


Other things to try at Chinese Urban Healing Tea are their nourishing Chinese soups and a mushroom vegetarian steamed bun that’s pretty tasty!


Chinese Urban Healing Tea is part of the Healthworks chain, which also have a shop in Admiralty Station MTR (branded Oneness World) and over 20 shops Hong Kong-wide.

Also, many of the labels on the drinks have nutritional info on the backside, so you can see how many calories it has. Obviously, the milky drinks have more calories than the clear drinks, so choose wisely. Another great thing is that the shop has a little tupperware where you can drop the labels in for recycling, so don’t forget to do so before leaving the shop!




  1. I always thought the initials were kinda funny: CUHT!

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