Strawberry tofu dessert at Auntie Sweet

Strawberry tofu dessert at Auntie Sweet

Anyone who knows me knows I loooooooove tofu (and cookies) but since the latter is the reason why I exercise so often, I like to stick to eating the former whenever possible. Hence, this tofu dessert post.

To be honest, even non-tofu lovers will probably like the strawberry tofufa at Auntie Sweet (HK$26), because the tofu is drowned in a creamy strawberry slush, fresh strawberries, dried strawberry strips and nata de coco chunks. You’ll hardly taste the bean curd dessert at all because it’s so berry-licious!

I highly recommend giving it a try — be sure to mix it up a bit before digging in! 😀

PS. Have you tried the jasmine tea jelly at Auntie Sweet?



  1. That looks interesting and delicious. Nice post! Stop by and say hi 🙂

  2. ellen

    24 November

    Sounds delish! do u know if they deliver?

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