Review: Firestorm At F45, Wong Chuk Hang

Review: Firestorm At F45, Wong Chuk Hang

Date:Mon, June 17, 7pm
Teacher:Shelley Clark
Cost:7-day free trial
Length: 45 minutes
Sweat level:4/5
Fun level:3/5
Class size:Around 12

F45 Firestorm gym class review:

Firestorm is one of the HIIT cardio classes offered by F45, a gym franchise that is slowly but surely popping up in all corners of the world.

Known for their branded workouts with names like Athletica, Bears, Moonhopper, Tokyo Disco and more, F45 is known for its strong community feel and the variety of workouts from F45 that keep things interesting.

I visited the F45 Wong Chuk Hang location at The Hub, which is slightly larger than some of the other F45 locations in Hong Kong.

The class has 27 stations (!), which sounds like a lot, but some stations are repeated twice, such as the rowing machine, prowler and spin bikes. Anthony and Shelley, who own the gym, ran through all 27 exercises at the start of the class, and once the music was on, it was go-go-go until halfway point.

Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with a 10-second break, which meant you needed to be quite quick at changing stations. Some of the most challenging stations were the battle ropes, battle ropes with jump lunges, the prowlers (of course), and box jump burpees.

After one time around the entire circuit, we paused for a one-minute water break before going through all 27 stations again. Because each station was so short, the class flew by and was over before we knew it.

You’ll like this class if: you enjoy working out with other people, you’re looking for a sense of community (everyone knows your name and high fives are given after each class), you like circuit training and enjoy doing pre-programmed workouts, you enjoy cardio

You might not like this class if: you prefer to work out alone, you dislike cardio, you want to spend more time working on each body part

Gym facilities: Showers, cubby holes (not lockers), hair dryers, microfibre towels (small and large), shampoo, conditioner, body wash, water fountain

Good to know: The gym is on the 1/F of The Hub, which is an office building. To get back to the lobby, press ‘LG7’ or else you’ll end up in the ‘G’ floor which leads to the back of the building where the cars come in.

Address: F45 Wong Chuk Hang, 1/F, The Hub, 23 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, +852 6330 7380,

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