The best cafes in Cheung Chau for coffee lovers

The best cafes in Cheung Chau for coffee lovers

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Good news, java junkies – the coffee scene in Cheung Chau continues to grow! Here are a few of our favourite cafes and coffee shops to visit on the island:

Oxy Cheung Chau

Photo: @oxycheungchau/Instagram

Opened in December 2021, Oxy Cheung Chau is a “plant + coffee” concept and first Hong Kong coffee shop dedicated to the staghorn fern aka. Platycerium. Inside, you’ll find them mounted all over the walls like deer antlers, which make great backdrops for pictures (just don’t touch them)!

Photo: @oxycheungchau/Instagram

On the menu, Oxy Cheung Chau serves black and white coffee options along with several non-coffee drinks like matcha and hojicha lattes, along with some snacks like brownies, smores cookies and savoury pancakes filled with egg, sausage, pork floss and more.

HealthyHKG recommends: Iced Americano (since there were no plant-based mylk options )

Oxy Cheung Chau, G/F, 2 Tung Wan Road, Cheung Chau, +852 9841 4857, open 11am-6pm daily


Photo: Erica Fong/HealthyHKG

Designed for the hiking/camping crowd, Haika is also a newcomer to Cheung Chau’s coffee scene. Located right on the waterfront close to the ferry pier, they serve fantastic coffee with indoor and outdoor seating along with a small menu of pastries including Earl Grey scones, chiffon cakes and their signature ‘Dirty Tart’ – their version of a Hong Kong egg tart topped with melted chocolate.

Haika also sells products geared towards hikers such as insulated tumblers, packable bags, folding chairs, cutlery and souvenir T-shirts – along with coffee beans, of course.

Photo: Erica Fong/HealthyHKG

HealthyHKG recommends: Iced ginger coffee – the mix of cream soda + coffee is surprisingly good!

Haika, G/F, 57 San Hing Praya Street, Cheung Chau, +852 5194 7971, open 11am-6pm daily


Photo: @valor_cheungchau/Instagram

Located on one of Cheung Chau’s charming backstreets, Valor specialises in ice drip coffee and have also added some cold brews to the menu, including fresh green apple and jasmine tea flavours. The shop itself is very IG-friendly with a wall of coffee beans in glass filters, wooden crate seating and beautiful murals by local artists.

HealthyHKG recommends: Coconut Ice Dripped Coffee

Valor Cheung Chau, G/F, 4 Sun Hing Street, Cheung Chau, +852 6699 5892

Heima Heima

Meaning ‘home’ in Icelandic, Heima Heima is a minimal-chic cafe located on Cheung Chau’s waterfront about 5-10 minutes by bike from the ferry pier. Known for their picture-perfect pastel cakes featuring figs, berries and other seasonal fruits, the owners created this Nordic-themed cafe after being inspired by their honeymoon in Iceland.

Besides cakes, Heima Heima also serves all-day breakfasts and a wide range of coffees and teas.

HealthyHKG recommends: Matcha dessert set

Heima Heima, G/F, 25 Tsan Tuen Road, Cheung Chau, +852 6078 3417

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