The best reusable face masks for exercising in Hon...

The best reusable face masks for exercising in Hong Kong

UPDATE: As of Thursday, 24 February, 2022, masks are once again mandatory for exercise, even when doing so outdoors.

If you’re looking for something that’s thin, lightweight, ultra-breathable and best of all, reusable, look no further than these lightweight face masks for your next hike, run, or workout:

T8: MAX O2 Running Mask

Source: T8

Made from an ultra-thin stretchy black fabric and held in place with a curved frame that sits lengthwise from the nose to chin, T8’s Max O2 Running Mask is a great mask for exercising. Reusable for 15-20 washes and adjustable with ear loops, it’s unbelievably breathable and feels like you don’t have a mask on at all. In terms of protection, T8 admits that it’s not made for protecting against viruses or any other transmissible diseases since there is no filtration.

Best for: Outdoor running and hiking

Price: HK$108 for 2 (price per use: HK$2.7)

Available at


Source: Lockill

Local Hong Kong brand Lockill makes ultra-comfy, single-layered fabric masks that are available in a variety of colours to match your sports gear. Choose from dark grey (black), denim blue, baby blue, baby pink and army green – plus a few masks that are printed with different icons and logos, too.

The masks are tested to be BFE (antimicrobial) over 95%, which equals ASTM F2100-19 Level 1, while being ultra-breathable, fluid resistant and washable/reusable for at least 20 times. We also love the nose clip and how there’s a natural bubble over the nose and mouth, meaning you’ll never get that ‘Muppet’ effect with the mask getting sucked or dimpled into the mouth like some other single-layer masks.

Best for: Running, yoga, hiking

Price: HK$128 for one (price per use: HK$6.4)

Available at

Pacsafe ViralOff Face Mask

Source: Pacsafe

Made in Korea, Pacsafe ViralOff Face Mask is also a single-layer fabric mask that’s treated with Polygiene ViralOff, which claims to reduce 99% fewer viruses within two hours. The knitted polyester spandex feels cool against the skin and we also like how the seam is on the outside of the mask, creating a flattering shape for the face that won’t get sucked into the mouth either. Available in a variety of colours: black, silver, pink, purple, beige and blue.

Best for: Running, yoga, hiking

Price: HK$102.91 per mask (price per use: HK$5.1)

Available at


Source: Nanoknit

Featuring a 3D seamless knit design, Nanoknit fabric masks are a great option for exercise as they fit very well on the face and are ultra-breathable. There’s an option to insert a filter in between the two layers of fabric, and the ear loops are adjustable and super comfortable.

Best for: Hiking, running, yoga, walking

Price: HK$185 for two

Available at

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WM Project

Source: WM Project

Known for their V-shaped cut that promises a flattering, slimming effect, WM Project’s masks are treated with ViralOff as well, which is proven to reduce microbes by up to 99% within two hours. While they don’t have any filtration functionality, they do claim to also be anti-pollen, -bacterial, -odour and -droplets. Best of all, they come in a variety of colours to match your workout gear.

Best for: Hiking, yoga, walking

Price: HK$149 for one

Available at