The Best Personal Training Gyms in Central, Hong K...

The Best Personal Training Gyms in Central, Hong Kong


Looking to hire a personal trainer in Hong Kong? Here are some of the best personal training gyms in Central, Hong Kong (in no particular order) with expert trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, and best of all, a convenient location that’ll make it that much harder for you to miss (*cough* or skip *cough*) a workout:

Hybrid Hong Kong

Located in Central’s Entertainment Building and H Queens, Hybrid Hong Kong offers a mix of personal training, group training for all levels, martial arts (MMA, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai) and kids’ training across their two state-of-the-art studios.

What’s unique: Hybrid also have 8- and 16-week PT programmes for a special price. They’re also one of the few gyms in Central, Hong Kong that offer kids’ training.

See address and location: Hybrid Hong Kong

One Personal Training

Transform your body with the help of One Personal Training. With locations in Hong Kong and Singapore, every client gets a personalised programme consisting of a pre-exercise assessment, nutrition plan, training method and bi-weekly check-ins.

What’s unique: Known for their 90-day (12-week) transformation programs, they also have special programs for women, including those over 40.

See address and location: One Personal Training – World Wide House

Strength Culture

With the goal of helping you look – and feel – strong, Strength Culture offers personal training and a wide variety of group classes (including metabolic conditioning, mobility, Strongman, Olympic weightlifting and more) from their Central, Hong Kong location.

What’s unique: Try their six-week PT program that offers a mix of personal training, group classes and open gym access. They also offer a women-only strength class called She-Strong.

See address and location: Strength Culture

Two Percent Fitness

Helping you get out of your comfort zone to be in the “top two percent”, Two Percent Fitness offers 1-on-1 personal training and group HIIT classes from their slick location at The Loop. The gym’s co-founders are also social media influencers who post hilarious reels on Instagram (see @keithleefitness and @jameswnc).

What’s unique: Their trainers at Two Percent Fitness specialise in different areas such as fat loss transformation, muscle hypertrophy and strength building – plus bikini posing and booty building as well.

See address and location: Two Percent Fitness

ATP Personal Training

From their studios in Hong Kong and Singapore, ATP Personal Training believes not only in helping you reach your fitness goals but sustaining them for the long-term. The company uses a science-based, holistic approach known as ‘DNA’, which stands for ‘Daily Routine’, ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Activity’, to structure your individual plan.

What’s unique: Besides general PT programmes, they also offer gender-specific training for women and men, plus movie star and bikini body programmes. ATP also believe in ongoing training for their coaches and have developed their own proprietary education system (ATP Foundation Training) to ensure everyone is updated on the latest developments in fitness and nutrition.

See address and location: ATP Personal Training Hong Kong

Tidal Weightlifting

Primarily a weightlifting gym, Tidal is an inclusive gym for all that offers group classes that include aerobic conditioning, strength, hypertrophy, functional training, and mobility, personal training with coach Rachel or Jimmy, venue rentals for other coaches and trainers, and open gym access.

What’s unique: Classes are named after High Tide (Olympic weightlifting), Low Tide (beginners’ Olympic weightlifting), Ebb and Flow (mobility) and Tsunami (strength and conditioning).

See address and location: Tidal Weightlifting

Precision Fitness

The antithesis of big box gyms, Precision Fitness is a small, boutique gym along the Mid-Levels Escalator with 1-on-1 personal training and group personal training sessions available. Having been in business for over a decade, their mission is to help “non-gym people live positively healthier lives by offering budget-friendly, tailor-made fitness experiences in intimate studio spaces.”

What’s unique: Their six-week body transformation challenge comes with three (3) workouts a week, weekly check-ins, a custom meal guide and cookbook, plus a free online portal with workouts you can do at home.

See address and location: Precision Fitness Hong Kong

Athletic Club Hong Kong

Whether you’re after a body transformation or long-term fitness, Athletic Club Hong Kong can help you get there with their structured and individualised approach. Each training plan is customised to the client’s specific goals and needs, and each workout is tracked to ensure progress.

What’s unique: They also offer a free downloadable fitness guide for finance professionals on their site, which promises “quick tips for senior-level executives to start getting in shape in less than 30 days”.

See address and location: Athletic Club Personal Training

Pinnacle Performance

Surround yourself with a team of fitness pros at Pinnacle Performance, who offer a “first-class” personal training package along with regular PT sessions, group training, physiotherapy and nutrition packages.

What’s unique: Their Black Tier fully-inclusive membership includes a full-time team of specialists across strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and nutrition dedicated to your health and fitness goals – all for a monthly membership fee.

See address and location: Pinnacle Performance

The Gym HK

A clean, aesthetic, black and white gym located in SoHo, Hong Kong founded and run by professional athletes (members of the Hong Kong Rugby Team), The Gym HK offers 1-on-1 personal training and 2-on-1 semi-personal training.

What’s unique: The Gym HK also offers recovery services via their infrared sauna and cryo ice-bath to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and promote muscle healing.

See address and location: The Gym HK

Ultimate Performance

Known for delivering impressive before-and-after results, Ultimate Performance (UP) is a global chain that offers results-driven personal training in the gym or online.

What’s unique: Over 150 data points are taken to create your personalised training and nutrition plan, and their custom-built app UP records and tracks your progress via metrics such as workout, body fat, steps, sleep and blood pressure.

See address and location: Ultimate Performance Hong Kong

H.I.T. Fitness

Standing for ‘Health. Inspiration. Transformation.’, H.I.T. Personal Training offers 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 results-driven personal training with daily WhatsApp messages, email updates and weekly check-ins to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals and sustain them.

What’s unique: Their initial consultation involves an extensive screening process that even includes a full blood test with their partner physician.

See address and location: H.I.T. Fitness

Tribal Fitness

Located on Hollywood Road, Tribal Fitness offers 1-on-1 personal training, 2-on-1 personal training, group classes and kids’ training. The gym owner believes that surrounding yourself with like-minded people is the key to finding your purpose and reaching your goals, which is why community is a big part of this boutique gym in Central, Hong Kong.

What’s unique: Their group classes range from strength and functional training to cardio, mobility, stretch and core conditioning. They’re also one of the few gyms in Central that offer kids’ classes as well.

See address and location: Tribal Fitness

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