Vegetarian fine dining at Vegelink

If you’ve never been to Vegelink, you’re in for a treat (especially if you’re vegetarian!). No more wondering, “Can I eat that?” — everything here is safely vegetarian, even if it looks deceptively meat-like.

The restaurant has pretty amazing dim sum on the weekends (review coming soon) but I was recently there for a set dinner of about 8 courses, and waddled out with a bunch of Vegelink products. Yes, the restaurant is connected to a store that sells all kinds of veggie-friendly products like mock meat, ‘chicken nuggets’, soy patties, coconut oil and other healthy goodies, so be sure to check it out.

On the menu


Appetizers of veggie char siu (BBQ pork), mashed taro root, homemade pickles and spicy tofu


Rainbow sushi with lotus root chips on top


Silky tofu with pumpkin sauce


Fried ‘crab’ cakes with rippled potato chip on top and tomato sauce


‘Scallops’ with black fungus and cherry tomatoes


Baked tomato with chopped veggies and cheese


Dragon fruit with cashews, celery and veggie meatballs


Baked apple pastries with a feather light crust


Besides the amazing presentation, everything tasted very fresh and full of flavour, with the exception of the baked tomato, which was a bit bland due to not having enough cheesy filling. The crab cakes were also really good (they’re fried after all) and every ‘mock’ meat tasted super realistic.

The apple puffs at the end were also light and fluffy, and were followed by a red bean soup that red bean lovers would definitely appreciate (instead of whole beans, they’re ground up so the soup is a fine powdery consistency).


All of this cost around HK$300 per person, which is a really good deal when you consider all the food. I forgot to mention there is also a rice dish (yellow rice with corn inside) which didn’t taste like much (hence, no pic).

Highly recommended for a nice veggie dinner in a quiet location!

Vegelink, Shop 108, 1/F, Foo Yet Kall Building, 56 Java Road, North Point, +852 2807 1130



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