Weekend brunch at Grassroots Pantry

Weekend brunch at Grassroots Pantry

When it comes to healthy restaurants in Hong Kong, Grassroots Pantry has pretty much got it all. A gorgeous, passionate and talented owner/chef (Peggy Chan), an amazing menu of healthy dishes that look and taste great, and a steady clientele of Hong Kong’s hippest folk.

No wonder it’s always packed, especially for weekend brunch! I don’t go to Grassroots enough (living all the way in North Point) but we managed to make the trek last Saturday and squeeze ourselves in with two seats at the bar.


Matcha Moringa Latte


Light matcha flavour, not too sweet and just creamy enough. A bit sediment-y at the bottom but not a bad thing at all.

An ethnic plate (HK$198):

“Dal Makhani. Scrambled Tofu. Crushed Kasoori Methi Aloo. Moroccan Carrot Salad. Pap-en-vleis in Berbere Spice. Pickled Kohlrabi & Wild Arugula. Teff Injera (V.GF.BF.NF)”



Super tasty with the herbs and spices. Loved it even though we had no idea what half the things were at the time. After looking it up:

Injera is an East African sourdough-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture, Methi Aloo are the potatoes with fenugreek leaves, Pap-en-vleis is fake meat, Kohlrabi is a Sputnik-shaped vegetable, dahl are lentils and tofu is tofu… thank you Wiki!

Popcorn “chicken” (HK$80)

“Battered Hedgehog Mushroom. Coconut Kefir Sour Cream Dip (V.GF.NF)”


SO GOOD!! Fried, but SO GOOD! Hedgehog mushrooms are the best — they taste so much like chicken meat (or how I remember it to taste — I haven’t eaten meat in 4 or 5 years)!

Signature mixed mushroom linguine (HK$198)

“Shiitake. Cordyceps. Morel. King Eryngii. White Truffle Oil (BF.NF)”


Creamy, filling and chock full of mushrooms. Hits the spot for carb-lovers.

This was a super filling meal and we probably shouldn’t have ordered the ‘popcorn chicken’ as it was a struggle to finish everything. But you should definitely try it if you haven’t already!

Grassroots Pantry, 108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2873 3353,



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