What Is Frequency Healing And How Can It Help You?

What Is Frequency Healing And How Can It Help You?

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There’s a lot of hype surrounding sound/frequency healing these days as part of a meditation practice or to heal pain and psychological issues, but what exactly is it?

At Frequency Healing Spa in Hong Kong, treatments are held after personal consultations, after which the person lies within a “golden” pyramid structure that claims to amplify the frequencies to their highest healing potential.

To better understand how it works, we spoke with Frequency Healing Spa co-founder Victor Wu, who, along with his partners, has created unique wavelengths to address concerns ranging from insomnia to back pain.

The pyramid structure where clients lie under (Photo: Frequency Healing Spa)

What exactly is sound frequency healing?

Frequencies are sounds that are perceived by our brains, which are both audible and non-audible. Brain waves (consisting of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma) have been heavily researched throughout the decades and scientifically proven to affect how humans function. This includes our ability to study, sleep quality, memory strength, and physical performance.

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By altering our brain waves, it commands our brains to send out new, balancing and healthy signals to our bodies, thereby shifting us into a happier state of mind, which is really, our natural state—we have just forgotten this. You could see this as a way of directly communicating with our brains and telling them what to do.

At Frequency Healing Spa, we’ve created specially formulated frequencies that have been tested holistically and proven effective by over 400 clients. The benefits include improved quality of sleep to cold and flu healing, as well as increased creativity and self-esteem.

How relevant is frequency healing to Hongkongers today?

Frequency healing is the perfect solution for modern-day living, especially in Hong Kong where most people are willing to spend on entertainment or shopping. However, these activities mostly provide short-term happiness. Other times, we pay for longer-term happiness with things like mattresses for better sleep, supplements, fitness training, physiotherapies, meditation classes and massages. But if we pay closer attention to what people spend on, and what it is that they want from it—it’s really a better quality of life.

The frequency healing lounge (Photo: Frequency Healing Spa)

How does Frequency Healing Spa stand out from other sound healing centres?

For us, frequency healing is a targeted modality rather than just a meditation or relaxation practice. In fact, it can be so precise that long-term neck pain and chronic insomnia can be eased in just three to five sessions. All our clients need to do is relax and enjoy the journey.

How can we get the maximum benefits out of sound frequency healing?

Like a good haircut, cup of coffee, massage, or workout, coming in for regular sessions can help maintain your higher frequency level. One session per week would be best. We’ve actually had clients over 60 who compete professionally in dance competitions worldwide come in once a week to stay in the “zone.”

How many sessions are required to see results?

Each session is 60 minutes long, and four to six sessions are usually enough to create a shift in one’s life. We offer all first-timers a free trial session, as that’s the best way for them to experience what Frequency Healing Spa can do for them.

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Malaysian-born Liying Lim has lived in Hong Kong for the past three years and is based in Scotland as a tea ceremony meditation practitioner. Formerly the Senior Digital Content Manager at South China Morning Post and Beauty Editor at Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia, Liying is also a scholarship-awarded novelist who never says no to good tea and staying in to snuggle up with a book. Follow her @liyinglimmm