Where to Find Lagree Fitness in Hong Kong

Where to Find Lagree Fitness in Hong Kong

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Strengthen, stretch, sweat. These three words pretty much sum up Lagree Fitness in Hong Kong, which is emblazoned on the walls at H-KORE’s Quarry Bay location.

Done on machines called Megaformers, Lagree Fitness has become one of the most popular (and challenging) workouts in the world, especially among celebs and anyone looking to get a long and lean physique.

Origins of Lagree Fitness


“The Lagree Method” was invented by Sebastian Lagree as a high-intensity, low-impact exercise that utilises something called “Time Under Tension” – meaning that there are basically little to no breaks during the 45-55 minute long workouts.

It’s said that some Lagree movements utilise up to 600 muscles at once during the workout, which is a combination of five major components of physical fitness:

  • endurance
  • cardio
  • body composition
  • flexibility
  • strength

The workout

Movements in Lagree Fitness are deliberately slow and do not allow the use of momentum, meaning that you are not only moving more mindfully but also in a more controlled fashion, which requires more focus, concentration and mind-muscle connection. Movements are also done back to back with minimal rest in between, which keeps the heart rate up and helps burn even more calories.

The machine

While it may look like a torture device, the Megaformer is actually not as bad as it looks. Equipped with springs and pulleys, the resistance is variable and adjusts to where your body is placed. You’ll be surprised at how sometimes, using a lower resistance can make a movement even more challenging, such as elevator lunges done on a loosely sliding carriage.

How is Lagree Fitness different from Pilates?

Some people get confused between Pilates and Lagree Fitness in Hong Kong, so here are the major differences:

  • Pilates is done on a normal ‘reformer’ machine, which is lower to the ground, narrower and does not have adjustable handlebars or eyelets on the carriage for leg, core and arm exercises.
  • Pilates tends to have faster movements, where as Lagree Fitness is slow and controlled to work multiple muscle groups at once
  • There are breaks during Pilates classes between exercises, but Lagree Fitness involves quick transitions
  • Pilates improves your core strength only whereas Lagree Fitness works on your flexibility, muscle endurance, core stability, balance and strength
  • Pilates is generally not perceived to be as challenging as Lagree Fitness

Don’t get us wrong – pilates has tons of benefits for core strength and posture but some people refer to Lagree as “pilates on steroids” as it can give you a strong core AND more. In fact, celebs like Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama are known to be huge fans of Lagree.

Where to find Lagree Fitness in Hong Kong

H-KORE is the sole provider of Lagree Fitness in Hong Kong, with two studios – one in Central and the other in Quarry Bay.

Besides their popular 45-minute MegaKore classes, they also run The Studio by H-KORE at their Quarry Bay location with yoga, barre, circuit and mat pilates classes.

Pricing starts at HK$350 for the MegaKore trial pack (2 classes at either studio, valid for 14 days from the date of purchase) and HK$280 for “The Studio” trial pack. Otherwise, a single MegaKore class is priced at HK$350 and a single Studio class is HK$280.

Prices go down when you buy larger packages, and H-KORE often have seasonal challenges with some discounts – so stay updated on their socials!

Check out H-KORE to learn more

A video of Sebastian Lagree at H-KORE’s opening in Hong Kong:


Erica Fong is the founder and editor of Healthy HKG. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she loves running, yoga, barre and Muay Thai as much as she loves baking (and eating) chocolate chip cookies. Follow her on Instagram @wafflerica