Zumufi – a new smoothie shop in Sheung Wan

Zumufi – a new smoothie shop in Sheung Wan

Zumufi Hong Kong main image

With the crazy hot weather lately, there could be no better time for Zumufi to arrive. Yes, the name is a bit funny (zumufi = smoothie, get it?) but the concept is actually quite good. The tiny shop on Wing Kut Street in Sheung Wan opened at the end of June and serves a small menu of smoothies and paninis.

Zumufi Hong Kong entrance

The store on Wing Kut Street

To be honest, it’s quite hard to find a smoothie these days. MiX used to be right on Hollywood Road and although their smoothies weren’t necessarily healthy (hello tons of sugar and ice), it was still a nice way to cool down in the heat and replace a meal sometimes. Nowadays, you can really only find smoothies at places like MANA! and other healthy-ish eateries. And when restaurants have them, they’re usually crap.

Zumufi Hong Kong teas

They also serve organic teas

Based on my short convo with the owner of Zumufi (Dan), he opened Zumufi because he didn’t really like all the icy and lack of smoothies around town. All his smoothies are quite light and delicate, and some feature superfoods too (if you can take them).

Zumufi Hong Kong seating area

The small seating area

Of course, he’s got beginner smoothies that will satisfy just about anyone, and more hardcore smoothies for the superfood freak (which have things like acai powder, spirulina and kale). Then, there are the paninis, which quite frankly I have no interest in (sorry, Dan).

Zumufi Hong Kong paninis


Anyway I had a go at the Green ‘beginners’ smoothie with mango, banana, spinach, almond milk and a few other goodies and found it very refreshing, not icy at all, and light. You could really taste each individual ingredient that went into it, instead of just being a sugar bomb. It cost HK$42 for a small and I’d gladly go back to get another one any day. Check it out if you’re in the area!

Zumufi Hong Kong green smoothie

The Green smoothie

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