Hawaiian Poke salmon bowl from Youni 

Hawaiian Poke salmon bowl from Youni 

Healthy food options in Wanchai aren’t so great, so I order a lot off Deliveroo. Something new that I recently spotted on the menu is Youni (which stands for ‘you and I’).

Youni is a healthy food delivery and catering company that’s partners with Goji Studios (a new chain of gyms by the founder of Warrior Muay Thai) and Younibody, a health consultation company that offers “top registered dieticians, naturopaths, health coaches, precision testing, personalised nutrition plans, professional grade supplements and holistic therapies.”

Youni offers delivery for orders over HK$500, or through Deliveroo, but pick-up is also available from their San Po Kong location and/or their Goji Studio locations, I believe.

Hawaiian poke salmon bowl

I ordered the Hawaiian “poke” salmon bowl, which is quite misleading because poke is usually raw fish.

The menu description says “hand torn salmon chunks, mix greens and quinoa, edamame and pickled onions, corn and pineapple salsa, light lime wasabi kewpie dressing” but as you can see, the salmon came cooked.

Despite the misnomer, the ‘poke’ bowl was really tasty and filling, and the sesame-kewpie dressing was not too creamy. I’m not a fan of wasabi fan, and luckily couldn’t really taste it too much in the dressing.

The best part is that it’s under 400 calories, with 19 grams protein, 12 grams fat and 34 grams carbs.

Besides power bowls, Youni also make ‘fit sandwiches’, ‘fit and gourmet salads’, cold-pressed juices and other healthy snacks. You can see their menu here.

Meal plans

Youni also offer meal plans (similar to Eatology), that go from HK$162/day (700 calories) to HK$405/day (4000 calories). In fact, they currently have a one-week trial for August that’s just HK$1,000, which includes 3 meals and 2 snacks per day (for 5 days).

Can’t wait to try it out!


  1. Love how the plan lists the nutritional ingredients! It looks really good!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog