Eating healthy in quarantine at Nina Hotel Island ...

Eating healthy in quarantine at Nina Hotel Island South, Hong Kong

Eating Healthy in Quarantine Nina Hotel Island South

For the health-conscious, going through a 21-day hotel quarantine in Hong Kong might bring up concerns about how healthy the hotel-provided meals are, and whether you’ll emerge with the ‘Quarantine 15’… Well, that definitely doesn’t have to be the case, especially if you plan ahead and choose the right hotel.

We’ve all seen the slop that’s being served at various Hong Kong hotels that shall remain unnamed, but at the hotel that I’ve chosen – Nina Hotel Island South – the menus are surprisingly healthy and flexible.

There are a total of five menus: Standard, Halal, Healthy, Vegetarian and Vegan – all of which have a Monday to Sunday, three-meals-a-day menu. However, if you would like to try a meal from one of the other menus, all you have to do is call ahead to request it (nicely), and the staff will kindly accommodate the switch!

The hotel offers a welcome package with snacks and beverages, but most of it is unhealthy: Pringles, Coca-Cola, Chupa Chups, cup noodles, etc.:

As a pescetarian myself, I went on the vegetarian menu to start and swapped out meals with seafood and fish that came along, and later went on the vegan menu when I realised it was available. Breakfast was usually pastries on the veggie menu (or some dimsum/mock meats on the vegan menu) so I told them to just give me 2 boiled eggs and fruit each morning instead – and to skip the sugary orange juice and instant coffee packets too. Also, I requested no rice, pasta or potato except the first few meals when I didn’t think of doing so.

Below are some of the meals from Nina Hotel Island South – you can tell that everything is very fresh and made with quality produce – and they also give you a piece of fruit with every lunch!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post – we stayed at Nina Hotel Island South at our own expense and was not requested to write a review.


Erica Fong is the founder and editor of Healthy HKG. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she loves running, yoga, barre and Muay Thai as much as she loves baking (and eating) chocolate chip cookies. Follow her on Instagram @wafflerica