Good vibrations: Where to find gong baths and sing...

Good vibrations: Where to find gong baths and singing bowls in Hong Kong

gong bath hong kong

Whether you’ve tried it or not, sound therapy via singing bowls or gong baths are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. Often used during meditation or yoga, their benefits include the ability to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety significantly

  • Lower anger and blood pressure

  • Improve circulation and increases blood flow

  • Deep relaxation and pain relief

  • Balance chakras

  • Increase mental and emotional clarity

  • Promote stillness, happiness and well-being while stimulating the immune system


Gong therapy is similarly therapeutic as the sound, which increases in volume and intensity over time, vibrates throughout our bodies to modify our frequencies and brainwaves. These modified levels are associated with feelings of creativity, relaxation, deep meditation, hypnosis and REM sleep (see Mindworks for more info).

It’s hard to explain, but the sound of a reverberating singing bowl or gong is incredibly therapeutic and you really have to experience it for yourself.

Where to find gong baths and singing bowls in Hong Kong:

1) E.nhale

Next event: Oct 22 – Sound Bath

2) SharedSpace

Next event: Oct 24, 27 – Full Moon Gong Bath and Sound Meditation

3) Red Doors Studio

Next event: Oct 25 – Full Moon Gong Relaxation

4) The Yoga Room

Next event: Oct 26 – Full Moon Sound Meditation w/ Gong & Singing Bowls w/ Malbert

5) Alive Wellness

Next event: Oct 26 – Gong Training with London’s Foremost Gong Master Leo Cosendai

6) Floax Floatation Therapy Spa

Next event: Oct 28 – FLOAX Wellness Club- Singing Bowl Meditation: Heal Your Soul


  1. I’ve never heard of sound therapy like this before! It’s an interesting concept – if you do try it out, I’d love to read a review! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog