Review: Precision Fitness Hong Kong’s Signat...

Review: Precision Fitness Hong Kong’s Signature Class

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Date:23 November 2019
Instructor:Daniel Williams
Cost:HK$250 / HK$200 for Switch+ members
Length:60 minutes
Sweat level:3/5
Fun level:3.5/5
Class size:3

Precision Fitness Signature gym class review:

Precision Fitness is a small boutique gym in Central, right next to the escalators between Wellington Street and Lyndhurst Terrace. Run by personal trainers and business partners Ryan Charem and Daniel Williams, they offer circuit training classes and personal training in a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere.

Precision Fitness Hong Kong gym corner
Inside Precision Fitness

We signed up for the Signature class through the Switch & Co app, which curates a range of health, fitness and wellness activities in Hong Kong into one app. As a Switch+ member, we were happy to see that we had access to a special rate for the class, which was HK$200 instead of HK$250.

The class itself started with a bit of foam rolling using acupressure balls and foam rollers, which coach Dan explained would get rid of some of what he called “cobwebs” inside of our muscles. That way, we’d be able to use our muscles more efficiently during the workout. Working through the balls of our feet to our calves and lats, the results were immediate as we saw our arms stretching longer than before, and becoming more mobile from just a few minutes of rolling.

Lots of natural light

After that, we moved on to a short game that challenged our balance. Using a blown-up balloon, the three of us needed to stand on one foot while keeping the balloon afloat with just one tap each. After the game, we went through three rounds of a short circuit, which included kettlebell swings, the ski erg and pushups.

Precision Fitness hong kong entrance
Entrance to Precision Fitness

The last part of the class was another fun game, where coach Dan took out a stack of cards and asked us each to come up with an exercise (e.g. squat jump, burpee, etc.) for each of the four suits. Then, we went around drawing one card each and depending on the number and suit of the card, we’d have to complete the number of exercises assigned. This went on for about 10 minutes(?) before we were pretty sweaty and exhausted. To finish, we did a few glute exercises and stretches to cool down.

Precision Fitness Hong Kong pantry
The pantry

You’ll like this class if: you like to have fun with your workouts and enjoy playing games, you don’t want to be intimidated at the gym, you like friendly people

You might not like this class if: you prefer to work out alone, you are looking for a super high-intensity workout, you don’t like playing games

Precision Fitness Hong Kong showers
Showers at Precision Fitness

Gym facilities: Showers, towels, water fountain

Good to know: Precision Fitness has other classes that are more intense, but they tailor each class to its participants. They also offer a four-week challenge for body transformations.

Address: Precision Fitness, 11/F, Jade Centre, Central, Hong Kong

Disclaimer: This workout was made possible thanks to Switch & Co. but all opinions presented are the author’s own. Learn more about the app and how you can start booking your own activities here 🙂